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    sonko hataki upus tena

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    expression of interest

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    no escaping reality

    campaigns will be very interesting
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    fixing baba

    ***copied from system ya facts, dennis itumbi**** Fixing BABA Deep State through Wiper has registered One Kenya Movement (OKM) The slogan is Kenya Moja Kenya Moja, incidentally is also the BBI slogan and clarion call. The idea is to pull...
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    evening recap 20th

    class divide is real watu wa kangemi ,which side of the wall are you? Kenya and London, we're technically prisoners in our homes, itumbi the prophet? handcheque works wonders by the balls sonko deserved to be governor, he's the incoming CS transport in the new administration from 1laptop...
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    evening recap

    billa lube kabisa unemployment crisis yet we're singing bbi and 2022, you keep wondering why senate has no meaningful debates, kuna ule ali sue KQ, a certain kwamboka ako pia same boat. blame parents and teachers
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    ameamua hataki upus tena,
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    nairobi governor

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    dynasty that can never fall

    hii kitu is the dynasty of iron boxes, it has outlived most of us, .sadly they don't make them like that anymore
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    hustler movement

    Sabina Chege likely to join DP Ruto's Tanga Tanga team. According to a source speaking to our reporter Jack Reu, Sabina is said to have meet Dr. William Ruto's top wing men sending a strong signal that the Murang'a County Women Rep might be on her way out of the Kieleweke wing allied to the...
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    trump:pga tour

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    accident, speed kills

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    village deep state

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    Isaac rutto

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    death to 2020

    a witty one watch the trailer but iko netflix
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    pesa ya idps

    https://www.businessdailyafrica.com/bd/economy/auditor-general-flags-suspect-sh177-million-idp-payments-3247190 Payments worth Sh176.6 million allegedly made to internally displaced persons (IDPs) in the year to June 2019 cannot be accounted for, a new audit has revealed, raising concerns of...
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    feelings watu waweke kwa mfuko,number 4 will shock you

    copied from Gerald bitok I wrote this one year ago( Oct. 2019), just a reminder to those expecting too much from politics and politicians. In politics you must understand that; 1. Nobody has your interests. 2. Everybody is chasing their own interests and the only constant in politics is...
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    bbichieth rejected

    copied from itumbi but the story iko NTV, BBI is not popular at all in central, guys are fed up, reality is BBI is only popular in parts of nyanza, i don't why our nyanza brothers are passionate abut it yet it doesn't have anything at all for common man So...
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    Alice wahome,telling as it is

    finally someone has placed the blame where it ought to be, calling out uhuru for his failures, together with his mercenary rao. uhuru had 8 years to do everything but it was just looting and passing legislation to favour his family enterprise. summary iko number 10