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  1. Lyapunov

    Lets Stop blaming southAfrica we Kenyans are just steps away from Xenophobia

    All this Somalis, na Seuth Sudanis warudi kwao immediately. I hate to see them around cause they are trouble makers. Somalis are just terrorist and this Sudanis are known for beating kenyans who seduce their ugly tall chics They should go back and build their countries
  2. Lyapunov

    nani ako na hii shida?

    Unfortunately in technology you've to keep up with how fast things change. However i still use a nokiamail account to date.
  3. Lyapunov

    Which is a good first car

    Why not get a Subaru imprezza,
  4. Lyapunov


    For those not afraid to explore go read Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. It's the best seller for so long. It talks about religion particularly Christianity and how the Catholics changed the the Gospel to suit their needs in addition to how the Illuminati could be right after all. It's not for the...
  5. Lyapunov

    Your favorite movie character ?

    Red. Raymond Reddington. Best have ever came across
  6. Lyapunov

    Niko Meru

    Tegea hapo makutano till 8 usiku. Kuna club iko on your way to Nanyuki can't remember the name but ni directly opposite KCB makutano branch thank me later
  7. Lyapunov

    China slaps new tariffs on US

    I's hard to know who will come out as the winner. US is really pressuring the Chinese but China also no saint either. I think somewhere along the way they will come up with an agreement or either we will witness an economic crisis where either China or the US will be a victim. China could win...
  8. Lyapunov


    Hata mbisha ya nduru hakuna?
  9. Lyapunov

    feminists shitty entitlement

    I like the way you reason. everyone should stick to their lane. Men to do what's expected of them and same case as women. Hii risto ya gender eqaulity doesn't pay bills anyway. Women leaders want more seats yet we cannot see their development. Trying to achieve gender equality is like trying to...
  10. Lyapunov

    The World has a Germany Problem

    Well i think it boils down to the two theories of economics. The Bretton Woods Keynesian economics and the free market economics. Seems the Bretton Woods theory is failing and soon the world could be in another financial crisis. Check out this documentary "The bank that almost broke Britain'...
  11. Lyapunov

    BMW 320i

    Now lets talk about Footsubishi na Legsus
  12. Lyapunov

    Could CRISPR save humanity?

    Diseases CRISPR Technology Could Cure CRISPR-Cas9 was first used as a gene editing tool in 2012. In just a few years, the technology has exploded in popularity thanks to its promise of making gene editing much faster, cheaper and easierthan ever before. CRISPR has already changed the way...
  13. Lyapunov

    Navy seal

    Security level 5 cleared proceed as advised. gonga vitu kama ndrama za halelujah
  14. Lyapunov

    Some rich men overrated

    You are right.
  15. Lyapunov

    Some rich men overrated

    And lastly while you try to wonder what happened he has a dozen of young girls. Anyway WAMLAMBEZ
  16. Lyapunov

    Some rich men overrated

    Have heard women talking about maturity since i was born and i wonder if they are mature then let them stop talking about it every now and then. When she gets dumped she has talking about how mature she is and blah blah blah. Hii risto ya "i love the woman am becoming, ati ooh maturity and other...
  17. Lyapunov

    I hate my wife

    If only we could go back in time
  18. Lyapunov

    the headphone jack is dying slowly

    Its a trend invented by Apple. Its hard to know whether or not it will get mass adoption. Tech companies especially Google are good at trying out new ideas. I think its great but lets hope it will become an industry standard. Some tech companies are still trying to force us to use the cloud but...
  19. Lyapunov

    Olive Burrows. How did she do this?

    It's teknolojy my fren. The only thing that ain't possible with technology is downloading food
  20. Lyapunov


    There is a guy who was caught red handed na Bibi ya wenyewe Kwa nyumba ya wenyewe. The owner of the house told him I don't want to hurt you please but I want you to do something. Akapewa Ike salt ya 10 Bob and was told alambe yote then he's free to go. By the time he was done he was completely...