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  1. Cemorj

    Eye Glasses

    Computer screens can affect eyes in a few different ways. Some symptoms people experience when their eyes are dry include blurry vision, irritation, heavy or tired eyes, eye strain, and even tearing up. However, It is unlikely that excessive screen use will cause permanent damage to your eyes.
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    Discussion about Olymp Trade

    I recommend subscribing to Olymp in social networks. There will be a chance to get free promotional codes.
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    Sore Throat

    A sore throat occurs as part of your body's immune response to viral or bacterial infections.Your natural immune response leads to inflammation and swelling of the mucous membranes in the throat.Fortunately, there are several natural remedies that may provide relief like Marshmallow root.
  4. Cemorj

    Air conditioning Syndrome

    Long-term stay in the air-conditioned room causes common symptoms such as dizziness, weakness, fatigue, memory loss , we call them the brain imbalances, these symptoms are temporary and reversible, if suffers leave the air conditioning environment, the symptoms can be improved.
  5. Cemorj

    Sinful thoughts?

    Some say thoughts aren’t sins unless you put them into action, but I’m not so sure. Of course, what I or someone else thinks about thoughts isn’t worth much, so let’s see what Jesus says about it.
  6. Cemorj

    Learn to meditate

    When we meditate, we inject far-reaching and long-lasting benefits into our lives: We lower our stress levels, we get to know our pain, we connect better, we improve our focus, and we're kinder to ourselves.
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    Discussion about Olymp Trade

    Bonuses depend on the amount of the deposit. You transfer 30 dollars to the deposit, you receive 10% bonuses. Deposit 100, get 20%. Although for different countries Olymp can define different bonuses. I don’t need them, because bonuses are activated only when the deposit is reduced to zero. That...
  8. Cemorj

    Investing in M-Akiba vs Safcom/KCB Shares

    If you would like to make huge profits, then you would need to invest huge money on stock market. In addition to that, you would have to know in which stocks to invest. I prefer ones that are regularly paying dividends
  9. Cemorj

    KCB is swallowing NBK

    Well, if you are owing a shares of NBK I only hope that it is not some significant amount of funds. I dont by any chance think that NBK is a good investment. KCB will first fire all managers who are solely to blame for NBKs condition
  10. Cemorj

    Startup idea

    I find that his is very good idea. Any innovation in the field of IoT that can help farmers to increase their production would be very helpful. Still, considering that their earnings are not very high, try to keep price of your invention as low as possible in order to have marketability
  11. Cemorj

    Financial Independence

    Who cares about stories like this? If she is happy with her salary, and he is happy for paying her, then why would anyone question their deal. Everybody can make own decisions and choose the way in which he or she would lead own life
  12. Cemorj

    Jay-Z has amassed a billion-dollar fortune that unseats Dr. Dre

    I think that he honestly earned his money and I dont see any problem with it. He was writing very good songs and became very popular all around the world. It means that he was increasing his wealth along with his popularity
  13. Cemorj

    Discussion about Olymp Trade

    If you are unable to deposit your account from the card, try opening sckrill wallet and use it for depositing on Olymp. Why I recommend you to do this, because if you later manage to deposit from a Visa card, you make money and want to withdraw it, you may still be asked to enter your e-wallet...
  14. Cemorj

    Flashy lifestyle of shady people

    I dont fully understand both ways of living. When we have forgot how to live our lives and what really is important and matters? Do you really need a house with 10 rooms that nobody is using, or you just need to see smile on your kids faces and feel like a richest man on the Earth?
  15. Cemorj

    Christianity to the dogs

    Cases like this have nothing to do with Christianity. These people are scammers, and it is so sad to see these cases at all. I understand that these scammers use religion to get money, but I dont understand people who fall on such obvious scamming
  16. Cemorj

    Venezuela Coup D'ETAT

    Frankly, I dont care much about any of these two guys. But I feel so sorry for people of Venezuela. They are suffering a lot under this fight. Venezuela is great country, so rich in all kind of natural resources, that they should live like a kings. But they dont...
  17. Cemorj

    life after college

    I think that she is exposing what life looks like in the western countries after kids finish college. They then become modern day slavery. There is only work without any private life at all. These people forgot how to socialise, because everything is money
  18. Cemorj

    Expose 3

    When they are happy with their porches and BMWs why they need to use drugs and alcohol heavily? Something is wrong in this picture, isn’t it? What is really required today to be rich and famous? Have you thought about it? I would just say – no thanks
  19. Cemorj

    Equity Bank CEO Earns 416 Million Kenyan Shillings Dividend, Bank To Introduce WeChat Pay and Alipay To Kenya

    Why should he quit earning money when he is earning money? That guy is doing good job for shareholders and they will keep him on that place, simply because he is increasing their wealth. Why to quit?
  20. Cemorj

    Discussion about Olymp Trade

    Not necessary. There are a lot of websites with free ideas. That's what I wanted to say. Speaking of paid signals. Such signals can be very useful if they come from market makers, but those are big players and they usually don't have the habit of sharing their signals even for money. It's simply...