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  1. fishmonger

    Mutura n vichwa business

    I agree. kwanza ukipata location iko na wanaume hustlers kama jua kali....unaanza biashara mapema unamaliza late.
  2. fishmonger

    Why do cops collect cash from pubs and Wines and Spirits shops daily

    Mariamu kazi yake ni kuokota "clients" usiku na kudiploy riot police. landcruiser ni ya kupiga laps kuokota sin tax na kuokota maiti. Ukiwa na security distress call weka gari ya polisi mafuta au waende na gari yako.
  3. fishmonger

    Why do cops collect cash from pubs and Wines and Spirits shops daily

    Banana republic! even the commander in chief admits live live 2billions go down into people's pockets illegally every day. it could be more ukihesabu the low level corruption cases. A while ago a friend introduced me to a lady that needed some help in my field. I was briefed that the mother to...
  4. fishmonger

    Nipatieni maoni

    Very clever...you don't expect brother-in-law anavisit tu hivyo solo.
  5. fishmonger

    Laptop Prices

    make Google you friend and avoid such posts.
  6. fishmonger

    This is gold. Nayanka bell

    Back when we had URTNA, KBC radio, and music time to expose us to rich African tunes.
  7. fishmonger

    Nobody Will Ever Answer This Question Satisfactorily

    Almost a third of Kenyan billionaires are in senior government positions or are well connected to the decision makers. The government are people and we see them making things easy when they have an interest. My point is all the countries in Africa can't give the same excuse for over 50 years.
  8. fishmonger

    Nobody Will Ever Answer This Question Satisfactorily

    very true. A good number of billionaires, both legal and illegal choose to play it safe with their investment. They will buy land, invest in real estate or agriculture oriented industry. They are not "bright" enough to venture into manufacturing from scratch. if we get a few billionaires in...
  9. fishmonger

    Nobody Will Ever Answer This Question Satisfactorily

    Few people agree that Africans have an inherent hindrance and their lack of development has nothing to do with colonization, environment, leadership, infrastructure, or any other external element. Our cultural orientation is different and it would only take persons with a different perspective...
  10. fishmonger

    JTL finally came through, but.....

    Buy the 30Mbps and become a sucking reseller too!
  11. fishmonger

    Susan Namu opens up about her leaked nudes

    Tukumbushwe hizo nudes tafadhali
  12. fishmonger

    DJ Joe Mfalme quits Capital FM

    Ameshiba za private gigs...he doesn't need to be employed
  13. fishmonger

    What is this jameni?

    Kunywa Blue Ice Vodka uone wakibadilika wote wakue wasupa:D
  14. fishmonger

    Crb negative listing

    What do you mean? Since helb has listed me they will remove my name after five years even if I do not repay?
  15. fishmonger

    Prime bank robbery

    Those ladies recording wangeita police mapema maybe response would have been quick. Otherwise, robber should dump their phones and go offline for several months.
  16. fishmonger

    Naivasha - Hotels

  17. fishmonger

    Saf Home Fibre issues

    call 400 and tell them to give you bundles when the fiber network is down. Utatumiwa 10gb.
  18. fishmonger

    Jubilee Development... Modern Rail Transport

    Actually, the amount spent on SGR up to suswa was enough to modernize the entire railway network from Mombasa to Busia, Nairobi to Nanyuki, and the Nairobi metropolitan network. It was excessively inflated. Watu walikula na kijiko ya serving!
  19. fishmonger

    Profiling Lawrence Waruinge

    You have touched on psychology and that has made me thinking too. What if the boy also had Dissociative identity disorder. I do not know if what happens in the movie split is real. Could it be that his other personality he becomes a "monster" that can scale up walls and take on the average human...