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  1. fishmonger

    Elders saidieni hapa TBT movie identity.

    There was a movie we used to watch when we were kids kwa ile cinema ya kitamba, that is project. It was an epic movie that had a scene of chariot racing. I only remember that part where a chariot had modified wheels that cut the wheels of others when racing. Who knows the title of the movie?
  2. fishmonger

    Alpha gardener impregnates three sisters and enters mitini

    In an interview with the Nation, the girls recounted how the man responsible fled right after they confessed to him that they were all pregnant. “We did not know he was having an affair with all of us since we didn’t share that bit of our lives with each other as we didn’t trust each other with...
  3. fishmonger

    New Hunting ground for Kikuyu ladies

    There is this social media influencer called Ndingu Nyoro. Every wednesday he allows his followers to search or love on his page. Thousands of single/married/separated kikuyu nyengs comment on the post hoping to find a man. You only need to inbox and you have a date. Funny thing is vey few men...
  4. fishmonger

    The new generation Toyota Starlet

    Starlets are among the few old school dudus still surviving on our roads. Production of the same had stopped but now it is coming back, brand new from Toyota Kenya. Guess how much?
  5. fishmonger

    kukula poko

    leo nimekula pork tamu sana kwa hii base mtaani...motivation ya kurudi iko juu...hawa ndio wapishi wa poko dry fry.....spinach na firi firi kwa umbali!
  6. fishmonger

    Mystery tunnel at Mau Forests puzzles historians

    It seems a lot happened during the colonial times that we will never get to know the truth. It is quite unfortunate that we as Africans are very poor in keeping records. This is an abandoned tunnel and the locals only talk about rumours with nobody having facts about it.
  7. fishmonger

    Explicit Sexy Nairobi MCA kuekelewa miti

    Alichapwa miti na Pamba bila huruma
  8. fishmonger

    Ruto will soon test positive for Covid-19

    Our isolated hustler, number 2 most powerful man in the country, is behaving normally. Meeting different crowds every week at his karen home. I am afraid he will soon test positive. We pray that he will be asymptomatic. Otherwise, matata!
  9. fishmonger

    Uhuru's recent moves

    We all know that Uhunye is not a bright fellow naturally, he is average. But he has at his disposal advisors in various fields as expected for any leader. The last few weeks have seen the onslaught against the Tanga tanga camp heating up. Itumbi believes that Mutahi Ngunyi is the new...
  10. fishmonger

    Oxford researchers plan to test Covid-19 vaccine in Kenya

    "The Oxford team is also considering a vaccine trial in Africa, possibly in Kenya, where the rates of transmission are growing from a lower base. .... The trial volunteers will be carefully monitored in the coming months. They have been told that some may get a sore arm, headaches or fevers in...
  11. fishmonger

    Ruto dilemma

    A few week ago Ruto was the hot cake for news content. Print, online, and broadcast media were all eager to tell the masses where he is, what he said, or what his so-called lieutenants said. Today, Coronavirus has stopped reggae. Good thing is that even his nemesis, RAO is also out of the...
  12. fishmonger

    Jail-bait manenos

    last schools holiday in Dec, a highschooler tried to get my attention and I was quite reluctant to eat that tight puthi. She used to come to my place when she knew wife was away and I suspected she needs the doshi. However, I was afraid it might be a trap, to blackmail me or even get me in jail...
  13. fishmonger

    KPL teams are poor and players/coaches/officials are reaping from match fixing

    it is unfortunate the our local football league is struggling financially. Most of the teams do not have sponsors and they even joke when going for away matches"tutumiwe fare hatutakula." Now the players are seriously involved in match fixing. International match fixers are offering millions to...
  14. fishmonger

    What is your like rate per message?

    Mine is 2.3
  15. fishmonger

    National Govt takes over Nairobi County...Sonko goose cooked!

    OFFICE OF THE SPOKESPERSON STATE HOUSE, NAIROBI 25TH February 2020 PRESS STATEMENT Functions of Nairobi County Government handed over to the National Government pursuant to Article 187 of the Constitution In a land mark agreement signed at State House today, Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko and...
  16. fishmonger

    Sonko nominates Ann Kananu Mwenda as the Deputy Governor

    I thought it is the student leader but she is the Chief Executives in charge of Disaster Management at the County. I am sure she will be Sonko's puppet as he goes on with his corruption case away from office. Well played Sonko
  17. fishmonger

    Trump Impeached by House of Representatives!

    Trump just acknowledged vote to impeach him while on stage at his Michigan rally From CNN's Kevin Liptak President Trump has acknowledged the vote to impeachment him, which occurred as he was speaking on stage in Michigan. "Every single Republican voted for us," Trump said. “We didn't lose one...
  18. fishmonger

    Uhuru continues to issue threats...

    Something is cooking. We all know by now that Uhuru and Ruto are no longer together. On the ground, Ruto seems to be doing very well. The top seat is his for the taking...as it looks. However, listening to Uhuru's outburst today, he kinda suggest that he has a wild card he is going to drop in...
  19. fishmonger

    Rugby World Cup Semis Eng vs NZL

    Game kubwa hii.... Nipewe link inafanya kazi.