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  1. Brayo44ki

    To no one

    I intend to irritate a number of dickheads here but it's a dirty job and someone has to do it. I can barely recall my class 4 GHC {thefukissocialstudies} teacher, he liked to drape hisself in black and spoke with authority. One rusty afternoon lesson he asked of us to geographically consider...
  2. Brayo44ki

    Words & Wind

    I'll confide in you that never has a western or is it a northern product captivated me quite as the Game of Thrones books. As usual the movies as captivating as the debauchery and violence is often fall short of the potency of the books written. For those who have read Harry Potter, Lord of...
  3. Brayo44ki


    For social immunity, once in a blue moon I roll through the gates of the house of the dead "church". Find myself and my lot a secluded pew and go through the motions, appropriate mournful poses and sympathetic noises the entire gimmick. Try as I can I seem to fail to can my damned to abyss...
  4. Brayo44ki

    Of the Red&Blue

    I'm sure plenty of you smartasses whose browser history surpasses bangerbros and porn hub horizons; are aware of the existence of the red pill blue pill philosophy. But for those unaware, upon a time this shrewd lad Mr Joel Silver grew aware of a world beneath the ignorant conspicuously...
  5. Brayo44ki

    lease a lanye

    I remember I read an article that proposed being in a relationship was akin to purchasing a vehicle, they'll always be better models as well as terrible ones. All the red pill is teaching you fellas is more or less the same philosophy, huwezi rusha mistari lanye akiwa maunenge same case na ride...
  6. Brayo44ki

    Abstract thoughts

    If you've a penchant for macho films you may have come across Clint Eastwood, a different sort of masculinity from Rambo but still it demands a certain respect. Well Mr Eastwood once summarized this generation as a 'pu**y generation' A bit crass if you fancy yourself to fart mint, but dead on...
  7. Brayo44ki


    I confess, I'd sooner power up my ps than watch TV. I've been a fan of GTA series for a long time I find it orderly and non pretentious. Naturally I jumped on the GTA V online bandwagon, and for a while I haven't had any need to game blur anymore. The online platform has sessions with a...
  8. Brayo44ki


    So I've read the Bible cover to cover and I still am receiving new material. I'd like to point out how the phosphorus one-Lucifer. Does not endorse genocide, rape nor murder of infants The list is endless if you're willing to read the Bible as a grown up. Thank you
  9. Brayo44ki

    Base Chronicles

    So today afternoon I linked up with this wolf in sheep's skin CO pal of mine, usual Friday schedule. A quart or two of Jug Daniel's before we departed to indulge our vegan addictions-veve-. For le members of that tribe, most of these joints are run by the wargess people. So instead of lounging...
  10. Brayo44ki

    The Holy Mess

    Islam thinks Christianity is false Hinduism believes Islam is false Jews consider Hinduism as false Well you get the drift Atheists think everyone is thick I think ya'll need to go home and f**k or something, waiting for deliverance when you die What is wrong with you?
  11. Brayo44ki

    The Root of evil

    The Root of evil never was money, it was always ignorance. A sickness of the mind that subtly proposes a legendary utopia where, should you act as the utopian caretakers decree you are assured of everlasting tenancy. No matter how absurd the demands often are. There's a tactical reason why...
  12. Brayo44ki


    So hell is this stewing pot where the flames don't go out, and your soul burns in eternal damnation because God loves you so much??
  13. Brayo44ki

    Ruling Class

    If there's one lesson learned throughout the flora and fauna is the emergence of conflict, between dominant species vs submissive species. Mountain wolves exhibit such conflict, with packs maintaining a seemingly patriarchal management theme. Alpha males depicting commanding poses whilst Beta...
  14. Brayo44ki

    O. G

    Back in 44 I had this legit neighbor retard dj pal, common characters really considering a huge population ni :dj's, club waiters, pishori ladies, bouncers, strippers, wanted crooks.. Really a paradise for the dirt of society. Before they made it clean and presentable . If you've ever visited...
  15. Brayo44ki

    Sun Dress

    He asked "What you want do when you grow up?" She said "a lot" Summer breezes are often rumored to be the domain of a Cadre of ancient gods.. Pan or Loki? Today's warm draft was no exception as it snaked its way between generously oiled ankles, gently licking supple thighs.. higher.. higher to...
  16. Brayo44ki

    Behold the stars

    Of Zodiacs and their secrets what do we make of them? Are they feeble new age mantras to sustain the layman's hope, whilst subduing his ego? Would the truth be as simple as a flagon of sour ale at the behest of a commoner? Do the stars hold meaning to the mind,of memories so old they...
  17. Brayo44ki

    Jane Bond?

    From usurping male characters to generally fucking up education. Look at the brilliance of Joker, he embodies the idea of chaos. To someone who has studied the nature of imperialism and terrorism understands Jokers philosophy to the hilt. Now in comes a character as his Lady interest, wtf...
  18. Brayo44ki

    No Doubt i

    The city life was wildy enchanting with it's never ending chorus of screams, bangs and sirens.. fire brigade? hardly.. probably a gang of questionable cops ferrying a fresh cadaver! It was always so in the concrete jungle adorned with rusty streetlights in his part of the neck of the woods...
  19. Brayo44ki


    Often one immerses their entire soul in a fleeting pleasure. Of course each to his own For the grubby nailed foul smelling pirate in the ancient Tortuga, he may favour a frothy mug to heighten the senses. In anticipation for a vicious tumble with vivacious and promiscuous wench, with her...
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    Once upon a time lived a seemingly pompous lad, the kind that makes your alter ego crawl from the depths of your soul to knock 'em down a peg or two. The gent existed to relish upon the finer things in life, triple distilled liquor and bowls of cavier. And upon matters regarding the fairer...