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  1. Jolie

    Men with big buttocks

    How can I reduce my husband's buttocks? Any remedy, They are growing everyday and when he walks his buttocks are shaking:mad:
  2. Jolie

    Yes yes yes

    Yes again
  3. Jolie

    Toxic masculinity

  4. Jolie

    18+ Married men

    Read the mind of your better half..suprise her with gifts.dont wait for your wife to ask for something you know she loves.dont do something that might make her sad.cherish her.protect her and above all i repeat always SURPRISE her
  5. Jolie

    18+ Married men

  6. Jolie

    Women are useless !

    I have not insulted your mother.its You who has done that by saying women are USELESS Am sure your mother is a woman,so she is useless as per your thread title
  7. Jolie

    kutomba talker

    Hutoshi mboga
  8. Jolie

    Women are useless !

    Including your mother?
  9. Jolie

    Village lesbian

    Never called my female friends "girlfriends "
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  11. Jolie

    Kikuyus solely fought for freedom

  12. Jolie


    Every man has a voice but money is the volume..
  13. Jolie

    Yes yes

  14. Jolie

    Today's Expose: Mbaku The Fake Is A Non-Kenyan Racist

    Leave alone @mbakuthegreat you peasants:mad:
  15. Jolie

    I love you

    How do I respond to “I love you” from someone i don't love?
  16. Jolie

    Broke Ass Men

    Simple Men complaining here are dead broke.probably living in their mother's houses
  17. Jolie

    Village sisters

    Hi sis..fungua inbox
  18. Jolie

    Village sisters

    Calling me a man amounts to sexual harassment @admin
  19. Jolie

    Village sisters

    Who are you?
  20. Jolie

    Village sisters

    Its misogynistic to call us ktalk ladies "Village Elders " I propose from now henceforth nipewe tiltle "village sister" @admin