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  1. negrowegrow

    Of Summer Bunnies and Kungurus

    Sasa akina @KaBuda hatutapumua. Nimetulia kejani nikaskia knock on the door. Kufungua kumbe ni rela wangu aliwin green card about ten years ago ako puffed up kaa shit. Kindly bear hug hivi hivi jamaa hajatulia 10 minutes anasema twende mtaani nikajulie watu heri kumbe tu nikufloss venye amehit...
  2. negrowegrow


    Nilitupa contacts yako nicall ama mwenye ana namba yake anitumie inbox
  3. negrowegrow


    @vuja de Niko kwenu na mnapeana osyo hobo. Just introduced myself as the Eabl honcho. Now I feel ma feel my desk won't be OK. Wapi birionea @ incognitus anionyeshe njia
  4. negrowegrow


    After clearing high school, there was really nothing of importance to do, just loitering around and doing a lot of digging. The sun was so abnormally hot on these days. Jobs were hard to come by and the only one which was available was going for mjengo at the Wahindi's sites in Nairobi. Now...
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    A pal of mine is having a wedding this Saturday. Its all good since he is a senior bachelor 35 plus. About 2 months ago I pledged 2k in his wedding committee. That's not the problem. See, am a schools tenderprenuer and the Matiangi's stringent exam cheating measures really did us in as no...
  6. negrowegrow

    @pamba nilijua tu

    Sasa kulikuwa Na hii vampire ya Naivasha imereleasiwa juzi tukaongea hapa vile itaShimoliwa. Kumbe hata haipewi breathing space. Hii nyangau haiendi mbali.Leo imekipata vile imevamiwa Na Karao Fulani Na RAIA huku ikisema at I inahofya maisha yake. Rink iko citizen website Na simu yangu no ya...
  7. negrowegrow

    KRA I-Tax

    Hi there talkers. I am an aspiring birrionaire ( read struggling peasant). I decided to venture into tenderprenuership and reactivated an account for an ordinary company and started looking for them small time stationery and printing jobs. Now here lies the problem. I acquired the certificate...
  8. negrowegrow

    hata kama sinanga posts

    mi bado ni sv na nikitoka hapo ni VE. kutoka hapo ni umeffi. #ferkadmenajad
  9. negrowegrow

    signet on FTA DVB S2

    @Meria Mata I have been searching for this particular thread in vain. Kindly offer info on how to nab them Signet Channels and the recommended dish size. Also can a Zuku dish be of any use i. e. the smaller sized one
  10. negrowegrow

    Mose watches Bible stories

    This is a throwback hekaya as narrated to me by Mose. Mose's dad purchased a VCR system. Mose and family couldn't seem to get enough of the machine which brought them so much joy since they could now watch Gary Daniel and Cynthia Rothrock from dusk to midnight then the dad would chase them away...
  11. negrowegrow

    kept woman fiasco

    I was drinking all alone one slow night at club IKON's in Kiambu. The dry spell was killing me so I let my eye rover scanning whether there was any other loner Bosch I could try to vibe for potential dwfy. It didn't take me long to spot this mama who looked like she was in her late...