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  1. confused villager

    How (not) to run a country...

    I dare say this. The function of The Presidency is to be an inspiration; to be a an embodiment of persons people would want to emulate; to establish a unique identity and values in the people he/she leads. This is why inspirational leaders like Fidel Castro, George Washington, David Ben Gurion...
  2. confused villager

    If Moi wont be evicted and arrested, no one should be removed from Mau

    Keriako Tobiko an his weird smiles can shove his threats where the sun does not shine.
  3. confused villager

    What's your watch?

    I got myself this. What do you have? Wakukojolea thread, look for the nearest bush and empty your bladders.
  4. confused villager


    Wikendi yawajia. Starehe ni zipi, moshi ama maji? Nani anajua penye naezapata canabinoids mzuuuri? Halafu leteni hizo mixtapes.
  5. confused villager

    Who killed Hon. Dr. Robert Ouko? This series attempts to open our eyes to the possible culprits.

    Below are links to the most elaborate series on who might have killed Hon. Dr. Ouko. Put your tribal lenses aside and approach this objectively with an open mind. Episode 1: Episode 2: Episode 3: Episode 4: Episode 5: Episode 6:
  6. confused villager

    Men posing as the president defraud business man. Kunikisha kitunguu level: expert

    So some men, in the quest to get mullah decide to immitate the president’s voice and obtain 80 million from sameer.
  7. confused villager

    #TBT Mixtape for the morrow

    Here is an RNB mixtape from none other than DJ Tophaz
  8. confused villager

    SWVL - A revolution in the matatu sector is coming

    2019 is set to be a good year in the Kenyan public transport sector. Four companies - Uber, Little, Safiri Express and Egypt-based Swvl - are eyeing the public transport in Kenya with bus sharing apps. Already, swvl has already been launched in Kenya (as at 16 Jan) and is already active on two...
  9. confused villager

    Whore eaters, the law is now clear

    There is a draft bill on sexual enterprises act. There are also new job opportunities.
  10. confused villager

    Jowee the quintessential shiny eye

    Judges for yourselves
  11. confused villager

    How will we benefit from our oil?

    While the rest of the country laments and marvels at romantic escapades and misadventures of prominent kenyan leaders and slay queens, i believe that we, Talkers should engage in serious debate on pertinent issues affecting our country. Of interest is our oil. Someone educate the village on how...
  12. confused villager

    18+ Time to clean your eyes...

    Restock Vaseline tubs.
  13. confused villager

    Bob Marley’s rock pillow.

    ...lay... head upon the rock as he meditate, read his bible and practice reggae music
  14. confused villager

    Mechanic good with suspensions...

    Wadau, I am looking for referrals for a good, seasoned mechanic who is well versed with cars suspension. Si wale wa kubahatisha. I also notice some rattling sound on one of the windows that i need fixed.
  15. confused villager

    How much do you pay in electricity bill per month?

    Some men pay 250,000/- a month.
  16. confused villager

    Woman caught stealing a medal during World Cup medal ceremony

    A woman has been caught stealing a medal during World Cup medal presentation ceremony at Luzhinki stadium. The investigator should be invited to ktalk and promotion fast tracked to village chief.