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  1. uwesmake

    Liverpool inauwa nyoka , maunited slays the serpent

    As you all know am part of the Liverpool sleeper cells warriors . Leo Ni noma lazima Chelsea ilale Liverpool 3 Chelsea 1 In other news Manchieth united is in London to win Manchester united 2 Westham 1
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    Admin and mods

    As the most followed talkers with over 1000 followers an very busy advising them so I get too many notifications siwes ona zote . if you contact me via a notification . I can't see it all . So kindly inbox me kama you need my assistance like CSR issues , funding etc Sawa
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    The spy

    a new very nice series on the famous Israeli spy COHEN ( strangely imetoka after our Cohen ameuwawa ) If you are a scholar / enthusiast of the cold war and the Israeli Arab conflict you will love this series . If you love spy novels Robert Ludlum style uta enjoy its based on a true story how...
  4. uwesmake

    Norwich vs Manchester city

    Sure bet hapa Norwich 0 Mancity 5 Aguero 2 goals Sterling 1
  5. uwesmake

    Victoria rubadiri

    Banaaa hizo miguuuuuu zinaniuwa hata bibi AME notice aka change channel . Nipewe namba yake nijue ako kwa branch gani tafasali
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    Coast corrupt Judge Reuben Nyakundi

    Just the other day I said Mombasa judicial officers have been perpetuating corruption and there should be an over haul . Sasa on Friday the DPP ordered the arrest of a magistrate who presided over a case of drugs worth 30 million that's 10 KGS of heroin . the judge had ordered that the 30 m...
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    UFC 242

    Its here people , finally imefika . Khabib the best grappler , wrestler in the world , the only man to wrestle a bear since Samson wrestled a lion , is back in the octagon . The last fight he put the stupid piece of chieth Connor in his place plus his whole bench of Irish loudmouths ...
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    Shaina jangilis wanatuuwa usiku

    Teorro banae
  9. uwesmake

    Radio station devilish agenda

    As we all know Kenya is a christian nation thus the thread . Kuna kitu nimegundua and its so sad after research naskia its been going on for years . several radio stations are openly advertising devil worship , sorcery , fraudulent pastors name them all . Specifically Radio Jambo from 11 in...
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    How do they do it

    It has been happening since nikuwe mtoi . nikiskia kwa radio I mean cattle rustling . the part that always amazes me Ni pokots attack the turkana and steal 10, 000 heads of cattle kama Jana . My question is how do they disappear with all those animals mpaka polisi nor the turkanas can't get...
  11. uwesmake

    Wadau saidieni

    Okoleeni navy seal . kuna hii series inaitwa Grownish bibi amenisumbua sana nimu down loadie . zilikuwa previous episodes but l later ones nimetafuta torrent zake but sioni kwa pirate bay na torrent funk .
  12. uwesmake

    Wolves inauwa nyoka

    Hakuna huruma . hii team ya jamaa wa bahati ole Gunnar itaona T9 Leo . waliangukia Chelsea wakaona wamefika , Pogba Naye AME confirm anaenda Madrid to play with Real players not fools at Manchieth Wolves 2 Manchieth united 1 Wacha tungojee nduru
  13. uwesmake

    Raila hafanyi poa

    Si poa kufanyia msito pugilists cartel hivi back to settings , natural fauna . :D:D:D:D Ukikosana na baba mateso yanakuandama
  14. uwesmake

    Navy seal

    Wadau Nikule nyoka Ama nisikule
  15. uwesmake

    UFC 241 Cormier vs Miocic 2

    Kesho 17/8/2019 Iiiiiiiiiiiitssss tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime . Its finally here ufc 241 , heavyweights wanai ingia ulingoni . as we all know DC moved from light heavy to heavyweight and took the belt from stipe who had broken UFC heavyweight division record of defending the title thrice ...
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    Thread za vifo kama hio ya morogoro usi pin Ama ikae siku moja . Hatuwezi kua tunaamkia Ktalk tukiona atii 100 bodies found . we have kids banaa hatutaki waone hii horror headline . Pin thread ya kienyeji found , 100 ebrufication pics
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    Liverpool inauwa nyoka

    Klopp ameamua mbaya mbaya all out attack , Weekend Chelsea luck was not on their side wakashindwa by a weaker team but game ya Liverpool is a different ball game altogether . Liverpool will manhandle them since they are the stronger team . Ile bullying walifanyia manchieth united ya...
  18. uwesmake

    Kibra parliamentary seat

    Raila odinga as the doyen of Kenyan politics has done a lot for Kenya and I spite of all that Ni kura tuu amekuwa akiibiwa as much as I know he is also a corrupt fool he is the lesser evil among the hierarchy . Let's reward him by the kibra seat ikae in the family forever . hiI seat Raila...
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    Liverpool inauwa nyoka

    Hi I season Liverpool imesema ligi Ni yao wanaanza na ubaya . Liverpool 3 Norwich 1 Mane to score
  20. uwesmake

    Women Magistrates question

    I have been going through the judiciary website and I have noted a majority of them are young women kwanza section ya sexual offences cases Ni wengi said I . Kuongea tu ukweli chances za a female magistrate kukuachilia Ni ngumu and they are giving maximum sentences to everyone . Nikakumbuka...