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    Washenzi w ktalk....

    .... amkeni mpelekee akina ng'ang'a Kanyari na Kiuna pesa wawauzie hope. Ndio wanunue gari na mashmba na pesa zenu.
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    Andela to lay-off 400 junior devs(170 Kenyans)

    Wueh,white boy have once again used and dumped the black monkey
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    Was I 'USED' or did i quit too early?

    I finished my college studies on dec 2018(last year). I was studying an IT related course. After staying home for about 3 months, I got an internship. Well, they were giving me 10k for fare/ticket. I was to be a three months and a promised job after the three months. To cut the story short, on...
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    Sonko has a doctrate degree. Basi mimi ni professor
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    Insurance placement. What Now

    I graduated few days ago with a second class degree in Maths & Computer Science. A friend has told me he might get me a starting place at an insurance company. I understand that they outsource most of their tech jobs, this is making me wonder what can a degree in maths/Computer science do at an...
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    Mungiki relocation

    Someone help me unnderstand how mungiki, which was started by a makanga/driver(Maina Njenga) in Wangige/Kikuyu route ended up having non-uprootable roots in Muranga and Nyere. Alafu after Maina Kucon Youthful Kikuyus money, bado mnampelekea pesa(sadaka) to make him richer? Washenzi GAAAys
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    Mathematic and Computer Science?

    Habari gani Kenya talks. I'll be graduating this month with a degree in Mathematics and Computer Science. Gpa iko second lower, I almost quite college juu ya course kunikalia. Now that I made it to this point what should I do. Sitaki kuenda kwa news 2years later ati nalalanga kwa street. Little...
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    I'm selling data(information)

    Hello talkers. I know its internationally illegal to sell data, but I have no other option but to do this. I need some cash to clear my college and to buy a laptop. The one I was using ilimwagikikwa na kahawa . I have a database with about 100,000 users. This is the information of the user:first...
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    Data for sale?

    How do people sell or buy data. Assume I want contact lists of 10,000 people. How much would it cost me? And that it is illegal, how do I make the payments. Thanks