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  1. kitikyumu

    Small scale bakery

    Members,I have decided to invest in snacks industry,I want to start making mandazis,and other small small tu tamu tamu.Do we have any member with an experience in this sector before I cry in the toilet? what should I look for to start?I have very little information about the sector.
  2. kitikyumu

    Boarding schools to disappear

    spoil the kid .
  3. kitikyumu

    While your "youthful" leaders were busy slaying and taking selfies.....

    na hiyo ni fotoshop ya building.....stop haring and continue pimpinooos
  4. kitikyumu

    a revenge story on a current MCA

    :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D 59 green moj's
  5. kitikyumu

    Saturday Night Live

    waiting for comments then nidecide whether to read or not.wacha nikupe like as i wait hapa kwa corner.
  6. kitikyumu

    the fantastic five

    has.......had ama wacha tu
  7. kitikyumu

    I-writer account details.

    what do you mean? :D:D:D,nafaa kupeana pesa kesho:eek:
  8. kitikyumu

    I-writer account details.

    i will contact you very soon but i need a premium one...
  9. kitikyumu

    I-writer account details.

    is 20k justifiable,iko premium stage.
  10. kitikyumu

    I-writer account details.

    A friend of mine wants to sell an i-writer account to me at 20k,is it worth the cash?i tried creating a new account but they said they are not accepting new writers.should i or should i not?
  11. kitikyumu

    Parliament live proceedings

    tano tena,wacha tuone kama kuna wenye watavote against their masters
  12. kitikyumu

    Oleweru chronicles

    On Saturday, Kafro and I had gone to a wedding of an old friend somewhere in Juja. We had failed to attend any committee meetings for the wedding, and had thus been allocated odd duties at the reception, duties which ensured that we had no chance of interacting with the buriful persons at the...
  13. kitikyumu

    Kiambu Woman secretly Cremates Husband

    was he cremated alive? si lazima mtu akifa kuwe na some news of either ugonjwa wake or accident or murder of which close friends and neighbours will know of? ..na @Deorro sisi watu wa kubrowse using potatoes na chrome ya simu tunaumia,kuna adds covering the whole of the commenting section...
  14. kitikyumu


    mimi nmewahi sikia mwanamme mzima akisema whatsapp imexpire anapeleka cyber awekewe.tf?
  15. kitikyumu

    Nzomo the man filmed brutalizing his wife handed a twelve year sentence

    anakaa wale wasee wa kutumia kifua kila mahali.wacha akule ujeuri kwanza.
  16. kitikyumu

    Finally. Southend Mall (Langata Road) being demolished

    Huyo jamaa wa nema alisema anapata pesa inaingia kwa mpesa inabidi arudishe, but imagine watching your building come down this way.it must be painfull unless pesa uliiba ya nys na land haukubuy.
  17. kitikyumu

    Wazzup....! Ma people!

    eheh,don't take social media life so serious.
  18. kitikyumu

    Oleweru chronicles

    Wanja Kavengi The rate of crime in my plot is always floating at an all-time high (someone once stole the communal tap), with the theft of pegs, dusters, and brooms the most reported crimes. To file a report or complaint in my plot, you don’t even need to talk to the caretaker. You only need to...
  19. kitikyumu

    Explicit Angie.. (part 2)

    kunywa maziwa man.
  20. kitikyumu


    cc @introvert ,material ya gunia wiki hii.