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    I spent Ksh4500 on CHARTURBATE in 30mins. But why? KTALKERS WAMENIHARIBU

    BACKGROUND: As the title goes, I spent ksh4500 on charturbate on a so called lil_cuttie who was kenyan. I currently stay in the US and i usually sleep with American girls because high quality kenyan girls in the state i reside in are in extremely high demand and they demand a relationship. That...
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    Confessions: i fvcked my cousins wife

    I have been fvcking my cousin's wife. I am not proud of it but i am mentally weak and unable resist her advances. She is so beautiful and always calls me to come over and chill with her. Usually, we always end up fvcking. So today she called me over for drinks and i went by. I ended up doing...
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    Truman Carpote is an idle woman

    This thread ni ya kuaddress hii ujinga ya Trueman Carpote. All she does is post some stupid threads on this forum. She is an attention seeking whore. Please Trueman, nobody cares about your $2 threads. They are full of beta BS. Nimevent and I'm out.
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    Beta male kukula kahispanic 18 yr old

    Cuzo wangu amenicall juzi kwa nyumba ya dame yake. Kufika huko napata kadame kasawa kahispanola. Na kalikuwa 18. Nikisema dame alikuwa complete package is doing her injustice. Dame alikuwa na matiti, mahaga,sura, karefu. Huyu dame ni 10. After kuchapa shot mbili za vodka, dame akasema...