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  1. jakait


    We need a heads up on the whereabouts of this general. Kisumu is simmering and it'll be a great shame if we all get the breaking news simultaneously. My friends in Kisumu should benefit from 2hrs lead to have enough time to escape.
  2. jakait


    My friend is an ODM aspirant. There were massive irregularities as you all know, thank you. The other guy got the interim certificate though the case was referred to the disputes tribunal which ruled that the elections be repeated. Qn.1. Is this feasible bearing in mind the Malindi ruling...
  3. jakait

    Uhuru is Mudavadi's agemate.

    This man is truly a disaster. His agemate was solving complex governance problems while he was still calling home for pocket money. He has the audacity to expose his daftness to the country,thinking that he's winning a political contest. Why God?
  4. jakait

    But why Joho?

    Embarrassing the president like that,what! Uhunye didn't see that punch coming. It was lights out n goodnight even before he hit the canvas..
  5. jakait

    Hell fire

    That's my theory on the Naivasha tragedy. A drone delivered bomb on a slippery target....I have been idle lately,mtu asinitukane.
  6. jakait


    How hard is it to conclusively deal with 12000 doctors and the issues raised therein? innocent Kenyans are likely to die and yet the government with its incompetent leadership lack imagination,to even pay thinkers to think on their behalf.
  7. jakait

    Kenya withdraws from UNMISS

    We are a nation of 40+ million fools. God help us.
  8. jakait

    Kenyans loathe hospital staff.

    I work in a busy hospital.Most of the days,i get to work by 7am and start working almost immediately,even though I ought to start at 8. some days i work till 6pm with a 1 hr lunch break,some days i just work without lunch(nature of the job). Today,i came across a post by some raia,in one of the...
  9. jakait

    These people!

    Is this guy an MCA ama ni uongo za Facebookers?
  10. jakait

    London is falling.

    Link ya hii movie please.saidia
  11. jakait

    Datsun 1600

    I want this vehicle. Whether whole or in parts,preferably automatic transmission. Grounded or moving,just inbox the pictures and maybe we could have a deal.
  12. jakait

    Health reforms

    I have read elsewhere about the struggles parents undergo in order to have quality health services in this country. Seemingly simply ailments cost an arm and a foot and these private hospitals are the obvious culprits in misdiagnosis and exploitation. The general public,is in agreement that...
  13. jakait


    Anyone with links to online movies,saidia. Have been blocked from using KODI and Torrents...
  14. jakait


    Do i qualify to join the revolution...
  15. jakait


  16. jakait


    The VC has been ordered to produce her contract within 3 days. Who knows whats going on in KU, hasn't she done enough to move on to her next conquest. Leadership in the African context.
  17. jakait

    Vehicle Gurus

    Happy new year people. I'd like to buy this pickup that has a broken chassis. My mechanic tells me I can't change it,at least legally,since there is no provision in law for that. The vehicle is in good condition save for this flaw. Motor vehicle experts saidia.
  18. jakait

    I drop this here..

    Jack Jackson N Buying or building a house before age 40 is a MISTAKE. My friends and I have been saving money together to build our own houses. However, after a lot of soul searching and consultation, I have come to the realization that building or buying my own house is not a priority at least...