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  1. klaus007

    Toxic Feminists

    Na vile they ass kiss any white man
  2. klaus007

    Refurbished Laptops

    Try best Sellers on Facebook.
  3. klaus007

    18+ Tanya modern green

    Oh really?
  4. klaus007

    how profitable is programming/coding in kenya/Africa....

    if you're creative enough, the benefit is unlimited
  5. klaus007

    Woooi!! Nani atasaidia huyu jamaa before kuharibike?

    let betas be.. huyu ako beyond redemption
  6. klaus007

    Two things a man can't resist ( admin stay away)

    .. bomoa kabat yote,
  7. klaus007

    18+ Moving In with a Call-Girl

    @Gio posted it sometimes back. https://www.kenyatalk.com/index.php?threads/1000-cock-stare.45137/
  8. klaus007

    She's Hot... But Her Sex Sucks

    But, sometimes the hot kungurus don't bother doing much in bed, they know they can get it any time.
  9. klaus007

    Be careful guys

  10. klaus007

    Another senseless death.

    Hypothyroidism Hypothyroidism, also called under active thyroid or low thyroid, is a disorder of the endocrine system in which the thyroid gland does not produce enough thyroid hormone. It can cause a number of symptoms, such as poor ability to tolerate cold, a feeling of tiredness...
  11. klaus007

    recurring styes

    Makende, hujui kusoma? stye... stye!
  12. klaus007

    recurring styes

    Wadau, what is the best treatment for recurring styes?
  13. klaus007

    Great Apps

    memrise ni app iko sawa pia, especially the pro version
  14. klaus007

    Morning GLRY

  15. klaus007

    Kesho naletewa vitu naslayqueen..indoors fucking the whole day

    Naona hiyo photo ni forwarded.. haha.
  16. klaus007

    Engineering project

    haitapita 10k
  17. klaus007

    Engineering project

    anaweza fanya stabilization ya soil na material any bora impe positive results, e.g vetiver grass
  18. klaus007

    Engineering project

    which engineering course? engineering ni field kubwa sana.
  19. klaus007

    Kofi Annan Dead