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  1. mandothewhite

    HELP Corrupt 1TB Toshiba Drive

    My high school bro messed up my HDD. Sijui alifanya nini. HDD haishow anything, just a driver letter kwa my computer but i cannot see it....Ina sema ati ni RAW file System na for windows to use it, ni lazima ikue NTFS. How do i convert in to NTFS without formating it.
  2. mandothewhite

    Remove Cloud On Ipad {Wi-Fi Only}

    How can i remove i cloud on a wi fi only i pad 16gbs. Ama What tools do i need na procedure pia
  3. mandothewhite

    ZIP or RAR password cracker

    Ni software gani inaweza crack passwor ya .zip or .rar file ....or any way to extract contents of a zip file bila hiyo password ... saidieni
  4. mandothewhite

    Ports za saf na Airtel

    Which ports are open and working for free net in safcom na airtel tutumie na vpnz