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    Mafisi Chronicles:part 2 (Ass recog)

    Ladies can bet a couple of things on Fisis. One is that they like to fisi(act of fising). Another is the ability of a man to have a good database for ass. You know, a normal Man just needs to see a fisilets ass once and the next time he sees a tip of the skirt, He knows to whom the piece of...
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    Best Joke 2015

    A farmer was troubled by rabbits eating up all his carrots.....He sought advice on extermination of the vermin but was told that poison was out, due to animal rights and environmental laws....However, he could trap them and extract their teeth and his problems would be over...He trapped the...
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    Mafisi Chronicles:part 1

    Being a fisi is now not just a calling but also a career. Last Sunday, when most of you are nursing your hangovers, I headed to church donning this red tshirt. Its not the newest in my closet but its has the text “mafisi sacco” in Capital Letters boldly written on the back and a big logo with a...
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    Bribes in Nakuru Provincial Hospital

    When ksh 1000 was paid as bribe, a 65 year old woman ended her 3 day wait to get that needle they put on the hand for the drip inserted into her hand; that was done in minutes. Of the 3 days, the doctors kept dancing around her and on Jamhuri day, they even told her she couldn’t get the needle...