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  1. mos

    I Even Forgot about her, why is she coming back?

    Doctor: Pam...not so good news I have for you!! Pam: Don't tell am ..... Doc: Yes ..you are HIV + Pam: Oh no doc...no...am finished (thinks)...Can't go down seeing Krasi smiling with a better future...I must bury him with me.... Pam:..Uhm..Ok let me whatsapp the FOOL... (typing)..Hi K??? Krasi...
  2. mos


    Restaurant Dish Sink
  3. mos

    Beer that smells and taste like vagina goes on sale

    Soon we will drink celebrity HIV direct
  4. mos

    ABS brakes

    Same shit happened to me...this ABS is dangerous
  5. mos

    That Dark Side...

    That why I believe hetaerism was best for society
  6. mos

    The Perfect Man

    A lady went to a newspaper firm to publish her story saying: "I'm looking for a man who won't beat me,leave me and who will satisfy me in bed". Two weeks later she heard a knock on her door as she opened,she saw a man with no arms and legs and she asked,"How can i help you?" The guy quickly...