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    Slow it down but don't let it stop.

    Slow it down but don't let it stop.
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    Slow it down but don't let it stop.

    Slow it down but don't let it stop.
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    Ujinga ya Mwafrika: Witchcraft = Christianity = Stupidity

    Well, this is Kenyatalk. For us here, Christianity is only a manifestation of our history with the White man. Our ancestors did not leave us with stories of talking snakes and floods to explain our origin and history. They were honest with what they knew and left us with nothing.
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    Ujinga ya Mwafrika: Witchcraft = Christianity = Stupidity

    Mzungu na Mwarabu wangeingia North Africa na ideas zao. Fables. Sub-Sahara lakini ilikuwa immune kwa ju Malaria ilikuwa inawaangamiza kama nzi.
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    Ujinga ya Mwafrika: Witchcraft = Christianity = Stupidity

    Are you in Ethiopia or in Egypt?
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    Ujinga ya Mwafrika: Witchcraft = Christianity = Stupidity

    Not even that. Christianity was brought here around the time Darwin's theories were gaining acceptance in the West. Before and even at that time among conservatives, Christianity was our only explanation for why we have species. Today, Western churches are empty except for the piteously...
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    why do people become atheists? get into their minds !

    The priests who converted your grand dad might have raped him in his arse. There is your g** fucking connection. He likely touched him indecently and got away with it in what was for him more like a zoo full of baby monkeys. f**k the white men. f**k Darwin and f**k the baby Jesus. f**k the baby...
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    Why believe in God?

    All theists are idiots
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    I would build a rocket & tour the universe. And return to earth after 1,000,000 years to look around. Loneliness might bring me down because humans are social animals but YouTube has Millennia worth of videos. If you have a few TB of hard disks with you... and drugs exist for altering the mind...
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    The Trial of God

    Thus this trial of a god who ordered the killing of those who didn't believe in him. The trial is actually of his followers. They did not respect other people's right to disagree with them. If the Quran were to be updated (why did they stop updating the histories of religions as part of their...
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    The Trial of God

    Okay, let me chew this for you and spit it in your mouth since you are clearly an intellectual infant. Good point. We will hold a separate trial for H(h)im but first let us finish the one already in progress. The best way to judge a case is to be equally skeptical of both sides. If a judge...
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    The Trial of God

    This is the same mentality a radicalised Muslim has when he is laying waste to Kafiris for not believing in the one true God, Allah, and Mohammed his prophet. That his fellow humans are garbage on the face of the earth, a smudge of shit, unless they follow Islam, and the radical Muslim is the...
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    Manzi wa Nairobi asiwe....

    Hawa ni wamatha. Labda wajipe.
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    So William Ruto thinks that former president Arap Moi was such a blessing to Kenya……..SMH

    Nimeigoogle, Bible kama kawaida, the source of all sorts of simple-minded foolishness. Endeleeni kuweka dynasty zenu.
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    So William Ruto thinks that former president Arap Moi was such a blessing to Kenya……..SMH

    Hizi proverbs hazikushukishwa kutoka Sinai. Hii kwanza ni ya kijinga. The ideal leader is not a Lord but a servant. His leadership is a service. Watoto wake ata hatuwajui.
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    @LINANI I think the best hope of seeing heaven that we have is if we make it for ourselves here on earth. The only hope, in fact. If at all I praise wealth it is not personal material wealth but wealth in everything including skills and freedom. For everyone, also, not only some. Who made you...
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    I am not disparaging black Africans but…………

    What is Western about wanting a pet that earns its keep? Or wanting a cow that produces the milk of two or one that walks slow and can't be stolen without a lorry? Those are standards you find by thinking, using your brain, that is how the West came to have them. Si ati if they think of...
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    Herbivore Men Phenomenon

    Maybe your real physicalè men were wiped out by AIDS in the 90s and those who remained are more likely to be more tentative. Especially about entering places where unajua among those who have entered are some whose appendages later shrivelled up and died. Or starting a dumb fight to die or get...
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    The only thing God doesn't allow to flourish on Earth is weakness. Evolution for the past 3billion years has been survival for the fittest, the strongest not of the holiest or sweetest praisers of God. It is those willing to cannibalize each other during tough times and to take from where they...
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    Poem of Man God: Jesus clarifies that no religion is ‘correct’ or ‘wrong’

    @LINANI I've never been a fence-sitter. I said religion fades quickly when faced with knowledge and independent thinking. Knowledge is good, I thought everyone agreed with that. I'm not glad to have a chance to purify my soul. For one, we don't have souls, our cells manufacture every sense you...