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    WSR wealth questions

    How comes WSR can afford Weston, a lake and a fleet of matatus, yet other career politicians like .....cannot. Well, lets peel back the mask The difference. You remember this piece of BS during nusu mkate I guess the man is good in financial management. Many former MPs are bankrupt...
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    News Break

    From today's politricks. Apparently, Israelis use "shit bombs" for crowd control against Palestinians. The shit bombs are water canons with chemicals smelling like shit, and the smell can stay for days even after taking shower. Though they have been effective against Palestinians, a recent...
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    Someone sabotaging Miguina *2

    Gutter press reports he has been abandoned by the running mate and he has been a darling of the media after saying they are controlled by cartels If elected akakulishwo ma RKOS na MCAs after 2 months
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    Increasing attacks on albinos (summary + link)

    Summary Amnesty International says there have been at least 115 attacks on persons with albinism since 2015 Malawi acting as a major source for neighboring countries Sharp rise on attacks in 2015 [read TZ elections period] & from 2016 to present [read +254 elections] In Malawi, a country of...