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  1. BlackjackKE

    Not an insult?

    I don't feel at home here but, don't you(women) feel insulted? So, the cut off point for entry to public univ. For girls is less than that of males. I guess 58 for females and 60 for males. Isn't it an insult to the female intelligence? Forgive my ignorance if there is any valid reason backing...
  2. BlackjackKE


    Hey talkers... Now after getting the android tv box, which Internet package will be enough for reliable connection throughout? I want reliable Internet, preferably unlimited. Alafu niilipie on a monthly basis. Any ISP. Just note the word 'reliable'... Info on cost is also necessary nimesema...
  3. BlackjackKE

    How are You? I need free help

    Needless to say, I'm new here. Well, I've familiarized myself a bit with what you do here. I see fun, hatred, insults, and some rare bits of love. Definitely, you'll find the most abusive seat and one of you will master up to post it here first. First, whoever is planning to do that, you're...