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  1. Hacker Wannabe


    Hii ni android version gani? My lollipop refused to install Xposed module
  2. Hacker Wannabe

    Bado sijachange

    Bado sijachange
  3. Hacker Wannabe

    Boobs Vs Penises

    Her Boobs are small without a bra..... Well your d*ck is small without an erection.... Case closed...
  4. Hacker Wannabe

    VR Videos

    Somebody to suggest for me any best VR video app that I can use to eatch 3D videos in my phone when using a VR Box
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    нєнєє....уαиι ωєωє иι ѕєиισя νιℓℓαgєя иα нυʝυι ....fσя тнαт яєαѕσм,ιм συт
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    wanakijiji saidia mimi

    ι ∂σит киσω ωну ρєσρℓє αяєи'т ѕтαуιиg ιи....αи∂ fσя тнαт яєαѕиσи,ιм συт
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    Android Upgrade

    Thank @Da Vinci
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    Android Upgrade

    Hello guys.... Anyone with a clue on how I can upgrade my android version from kitkat 4.4.2 to Lollipop 5.1 to kindly assist.... I'm currently using Infinix hot X507.....
  9. Hacker Wannabe

    Using two whatsapp account on one phone

    But even now I'm using it on my phone @Touchlyrics .... Maybe you can try uninstalling the original whatsapp after backing up ur data, activate this other one, ukimaliza ndo tena urudishe hiyo original.... It will work that way
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    Free unlimited apps and games

    This is just for Android users
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    Job made easier

    Njaa ni mbaya
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    Free unlimited apps and games

    Did you know that you can actually download for free those apps and games which often Google Playstore expect u to purchase before u can enjoy using? Well, here is the solution, simply download android application called BlackBlackmart through...
  13. Hacker Wannabe

    Using two whatsapp account on one phone

    This whatsapp is so good that it allows you to do your own customization, you can change the themes, receive the messages while still hiding the two ticks.... It's just awesome.
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    Using two whatsapp account on one phone

    How are u doing fellow villagers. Have u been wondering how u can actually use two whatsapp accounts on ur double line smartphone so that others my think u have more than one phone..... Then worry no more.... Simply follow this link and download WhatsMapp, which is a 3rd party app that will...
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    Still following
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    safaricom bundles mwitu

    Naeza pataje hizi codes za safcom?
  17. Hacker Wannabe

    Bundles mwitu zimerudi... 1.5 GB for only 300 ksh

    What can I do kama nataka kuget hizo bundles za airtel boss?
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    Thinking on how to be a good hacker

    Thinking on how to be a good hacker