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  1. ПанчоВилла

    Biden Supporters to start singing alekumsalam

    If Trump beats Biden in the #USAElections2020 , it will be like a livestreamed salamalekum alekumsalam video moment for Biden Supporters
  2. ПанчоВилла

    King Kaka Sungura Rabbit Apuoyo Ombima

    I read some random propaganda blog article stating ati Rabbit cant visit his village in Siaya. I know, not only Luos live in Siaya, but... What is interesting is, Ombima is not even a Luo name, but ndumakuwilis will go around peddling how Rabbit Luo boy blah blah...... I know, if you arranged...
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    Big Fat Juicy Shout-out : Bishop Kioko Hospital

    Sending a Big fat juicy shout out to Staff wa / za / ya Bishop Kioko Catholic Hospital Masaku. Nurses wa St Andrews Ward wote, the slim Lunje one who struggles talking Kikamba to the old Mwaitus, Kwata Leu, Kwata Leu....nenda ukome vau...yaaaa:D:D madam, cucu / shosho ni Gikuyu, but ni vizuri...
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    Kikuyu President

    We need anything but a President from a Warlike community A lot is happening in Nandi As A Luhya, I'd rather ten Kikuyu Presidents in a Row Than anything else We really hope a strong Kikuyu stands We may not be the best of friends, but we can start at the Bantu Connection, we are distant cousins...
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    The Kyaka Hotel, Machakos

    Machakos inakuja ni kama imetumwa Stage ya red-cross hapo Makutano-Kitui Road Watu wa masaku sevens nawaonesha mahali pa kujiekelea after game FACILITIES ON SITE Accommodation (Rooms & Furnished Apartments) Restaurants Bars Conference Halls Meeting Rooms Great Internet connection speeds
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    Shooting was over a Ksh.1,400 bribe ?

    So apparently, the gun wielding murderer is a Nigerian customs official. The Victim had delayed on submitting a 5,000 Naira bribe. Of course Nigerian money is sh*t, so it translates to Ksh.1,400, almost. To be honest, the guy should have just snatched something else from the victim, not his...
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    Nostalgia. Might just have to call up my lady in Chinhoyi, Zim.
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    A hit was ordered on this lady's producer, did it happen ?

    She actually has 9.3k subscribers. Oh lordie
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    Keep your Christianity and Small pox to yourself ama ukule Mshale

    This bomboclaat idiot bwoy thought it was his god given right to go convert the sentinelese to Christianity. Dude doesnt even speak any Sentenelese language and he wants to spread the stinky gospel to the Andaman Islands. Despite the fact that it is illegal to visit the said islands, he went...
  10. ПанчоВилла

    The BBC aka Big Black C*** is on high demand out there

    Why do I have this feeling that This lady just wanted some of that BBC. Ding Dong is all she wanted. You can see it in her eyes. Went about it the wrong way though. Definitely wanted herself some BBC. See her pose in the lift. But she is the kind you regret immediately you serve. Certified...
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    Fatakraa Baruti

    Watoto wamelipua Baruti hapa Nje Roho ikazama. Nikapenyua pazia kuchungulia nione kama Mohamedi ametutembelea. Nikacheki ni vipii pale ground vikirukaruka . It will take a while before it sounds Normal to blow those things. I remember my days pale Langas Eldoret when we used to blast away...
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    Mumewekewa kama Riddims so you can compare better

    Tory amemukura Joyner kama ugari madondo. Bloodclat idiot bwoys will say mimi is shagzmodo for my opinion and prefferences. . Eitherway, they are both doing some good work with the art
  13. ПанчоВилла

    Here are people who are more deserving of IDs, like the Makonde, they should be taken in

    Whats there to lose anyways ? Any Black African born here should not be denied an ID. I repeat Black African. If you know you know. Meanwhile in Uganda
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    Mehdi Hassan the GOAT

    How to interview the devil's advocate
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    Muay Thai succas

    Maaan, *** Kungfu, Boxing, karate, Judo, Capoera and all that isht. Muay Thai is the real deal Then again, Capoiera is not joke
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    @T255 cyka blyat, come show me a foreigner praising your country like this,

    Anacheza hadi lipala @T255 harakisha na si tafadhali, egesagani eke