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  1. jakait


    We need a heads up on the whereabouts of this general. Kisumu is simmering and it'll be a great shame if we all get the breaking news simultaneously. My friends in Kisumu should benefit from 2hrs lead to have enough time to escape.
  2. jakait

    How do you manage a 1.2 billion house?

  3. jakait


    sijui kiswahili.
  4. jakait


    My friend is an ODM aspirant. There were massive irregularities as you all know, thank you. The other guy got the interim certificate though the case was referred to the disputes tribunal which ruled that the elections be repeated. Qn.1. Is this feasible bearing in mind the Malindi ruling...
  5. jakait


    Am from Tongaren too. Katimba
  6. jakait

    Speaking of Ranguma....

    This is a poorly executed plan and the main suspects are non other than Nyong'o. I feel sorry for the Luo nation.
  7. jakait

    Uhuru is Mudavadi's agemate.

    Stupidity on epic mode. Ati 60%approval ratings,really? I can bet half my life you're a Kikuyu and that should explain your obsession.
  8. jakait

    Uhuru is Mudavadi's agemate.

    Uhuruv is arguably the worst president kenya has ever had. This is not in dispute. Every nyama eating statement he makes continues to expose him as a dimwit.
  9. jakait

    Uhuru is Mudavadi's agemate.

    It's not about Raila here.
  10. jakait

    Uhuru is Mudavadi's agemate.

    This is an obvious own goal by Uhuru. The man is completely clueless.
  11. jakait

    Uhuru is Mudavadi's agemate.

    This man is truly a disaster. His agemate was solving complex governance problems while he was still calling home for pocket money. He has the audacity to expose his daftness to the country,thinking that he's winning a political contest. Why God?
  12. jakait

    Wabukhala takes over at EACC

    Hawa waluhya have been set up to fail. The timing is also suspect. Also see Chebukati..
  13. jakait

    But why Joho?

    It's not called jasho jembamba for nothing.
  14. jakait

    But why Joho?

    Joho is not taking any hostages.
  15. jakait

    But why Joho?

    Hehehe relax. nilijua lazma uta catch ma feelings. That's no my problem at all. Uhuru ni mshenzi sana.
  16. jakait

    But why Joho?

    Embarrassing the president like that,what! Uhunye didn't see that punch coming. It was lights out n goodnight even before he hit the canvas..
  17. jakait

    Chunga Mdomo

    food for thought
  18. jakait

    Syria before and after war

    one thing i like about these guys,they bury the dead. you don't see dead bodies on the streets kama Africa.
  19. jakait


    Jubilee #TukoPamoja