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  1. kitikyumu

    Small scale bakery

    Members,I have decided to invest in snacks industry,I want to start making mandazis,and other small small tu tamu tamu.Do we have any member with an experience in this sector before I cry in the toilet? what should I look for to start?I have very little information about the sector.
  2. kitikyumu

    I-writer account details.

    A friend of mine wants to sell an i-writer account to me at 20k,is it worth the cash?i tried creating a new account but they said they are not accepting new writers.should i or should i not?
  3. kitikyumu

    Oleweru chronicles

    On Saturday, Kafro and I had gone to a wedding of an old friend somewhere in Juja. We had failed to attend any committee meetings for the wedding, and had thus been allocated odd duties at the reception, duties which ensured that we had no chance of interacting with the buriful persons at the...
  4. kitikyumu

    Oleweru chronicles

    Because I'm sipping fobe here alone, let me give you a story of giant mniweke company. You know, this Nyairofi has shown me a lot of things. As I have told you before, I’m a retired and reformed fisist theorist, who during his heyday developed many fisist theories that inspired the boyshaods...
  5. kitikyumu


    What could i be doing wrong,i have this problem of spending my money in ways i can't account,it just dissapears just like that,this month alone i have used more than 40k,i even had 13k in my mpesa on friday and as of yesterday i had to withdraw 2k from my bank and it is already gone,remaining...
  6. kitikyumu

    Of nzomo and wife battering.

    A video doing rounds on social media shows a guy kicking a lady like i don't know what!(i used my local lingua there) I have the video but it may have already been shared here.I have seen guys supporting the guy and another version of the story says the lady apologized and said he was justified...
  7. kitikyumu

    spiritual cleansing

    Does this thing work and what are the steps and what is needed,still does meditation solve anything? Still spiritual talkers,do you guys believe in witchcraft? i personally think this thing is real,some things that happen in this world are just weird,i believe in God,good spririts and evil...
  8. kitikyumu

    Odd 16.02,views needed

    The more i go through the games the more tricky they become,let us discuss this..nataka kuweka kesho by noon.
  9. kitikyumu

    There were birds....

    Biko's today piece reads like a movie script,this is it for for team hii tuliona lini msisome, There Were Birds, But They Didn’t Sing 31.10.2017 40's People, Life & People, Short stories  359  105 What does human flesh taste like? Everybody I tell this story thinks I should have asked her this...
  10. kitikyumu

    Let's discus this,12. 0dds

    Let us all look at the games below,American countries is ussually tricky,naogopa aldovisi,which team is likely to wash things buddies?
  11. kitikyumu

    Today,26 odds

    You can split it if you want.
  12. kitikyumu


    let's say Uhuru gets 150k countrywide due to poor turnout then in counties that did not vote turn out 100% on sartuday,he will be beaten hands down
  13. kitikyumu

    sure bet

    I am giving out odd ya 5,anyone interested hit my inbox pap ,first game inaanza 2 Leo.
  14. kitikyumu


    someone admits to being a member of this dangerous outlawed militia group.oh my!
  15. kitikyumu

    # IfAfricaWasAChurch

    twitter has made my day today,just that i am yet to know how to embed a tweet,the most hilarious .
  16. kitikyumu

    modifying your car

    I was going through jim baraza's forum on facebook then saw this bugger who converted his toyota MR2 into a ferrari complete with logos and someone also decides to convert his nissan fuga into a vw,talkers are there legal aspects involved?i want to convert my premio into subaru wrx( i admire...