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    18+ Nakuru Momos

  2. papabingy


    Wapi wrink!
  3. papabingy

    Men's shoes

    Za imenti are better
  4. papabingy

    kapatikana tena

    The real question here is... How do u hide 'weed' smell and behavior for more than six months
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    Starehe girls closed *indefinitely*???

    NV = Meffi!
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    1st deal with the rogue body builders ...more fiber , less metal kama zile marcopolo za sa. 2nd mount speed traps even at night since this is where major accidents happen 3rd do a thorough check (night and day) on these bus/truck drivers (looking out for drunkardness and fatigue) 4th do patrols...
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    Explicit Panyaste hukula soft meats, tamu kama Sungura.

    hio kufuli iko apo nyuma si ni ile 'yongli' ya pale muthurwa!
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    Starehe girls closed *indefinitely*???

    io ni hysteria ....was once a teacher at local gals high school, those gals have issues from here to timbuktu ..they see ur d*ck bulging from ur trouser ..some faint on the spot!
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    we are sinking in debt at a speed of 2.5 billion per day

    am looking at options ... viable ones ..plan then execute
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    ntsa, traffic bure kabisa ...wanaruka ruka kila mahali kwa media while on the ground ..things are different ..Meffi!!
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    we are sinking in debt at a speed of 2.5 billion per day

    hapa naona kutakuwa na shida already looking for alternatives to Kenya n my fam tutaenda kukaa uko
  12. papabingy

    Kicks of a dying horse,instead of aligning with the market trends they are using KECOBO to threaten us.Nobody can fight technology advancement

    rogue govt ...if we were arabs we would have overthrown this govt kitaaaambo! sadly we are 'bonobo's
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    Nairobi Subway Map

    same to gigiri police station apo italy embassy opposite. kuna sewerage imekuwa ikileak heading to the nearest river for the past like 4 years ..nobody has ever bothered about it
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    Sure condoms recalled due to quality concerns

    no wonder ive seen so many dudes today pale jeevanjee ..deep in thoughts
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    African rituals, Kuru men make love to mother earth

    people are making the move to live on other planets, si tuna fertilize 'earth':D
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    mate series huwa FAYA!!! I can only imagine 30 pro iko vipi
  17. papabingy

    Nv200 vs Probox

    after all ni biashara unaenda kufanya ..nunua nv200 mambo ya cheap spares achia wale wakubeba madem all day!
  18. papabingy

    Subaru forester 2012 vs Mitsubishi outlander 2012

    sub chukua turbo hii ngine has a factory problem ..wenyewe wanajijua!!
  19. papabingy

    Sonkoste Alichew 20 Mirrions za Garbage

    20 m is peanuts to sonkoree!! leta news ngine