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    Nganga chronicles

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    Modern day wives

    Last year november, i sent my wife of five years packing with a reason which i didn't and still haven't bothered to tell her. She has begged and begged for weeks now but i chose to not tell her the reason because if i did, she would come up with a million excuses on why she did what she did...
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    No Transport Safety Authority.....As someone who does mileage all across the country, I can tell you for free. Your efforts are in futility. As you are busy targeting drunk drivers along langata road, 1. tens of trucks are transversing the night from mombasa to busia with no functional lights...
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    Wapi ntsa Leo thika road... Everyone is over speeding
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    Mercedes benz x class (double cab)

    Well to me.. This is an over glorified navara... Rink below
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    Nairobi CBD

    Someone somewhere please tag sonko on this thread... Working here in Nairobi cbd imekuwa ngumu.. There are scores of beggars everywhere, hawkers wameziba barabara (Tunatembea kwa lami kama gari) mathree zimepark everywhere.. Hata globe roundabout they have stepped on almost all the budding...
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    traffic jam

    Maze si Leo Kuna jam izi ma side.. Ive been to westy from tao twice today na watu tunauma meno tu
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    naivasha retreat

    Usual game continues........I work for the IEBC-Kenya. I attended the commission's retreat yesterday in Naivasha. The meeting was in the good spirit of ensuring that the forthcoming presidential election is done in a manner that satisfies every electorate. We deliberated on a number of issues...
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    Githurai Incident Jana

    well ..i just heard from the news that the githurai youth were asking for ID's from travellers along thika road in yesterdays demos...and well if u have a name that resembles babuons party ....Kiboko inawaka. how stupid can this people from Githurai get..dont they think that there can be...
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    sure cd's

    wah dont get those things from the washrooms at your workplace...i got some from an intl organization's washroom on Wednesday ...jana nikikamua porcupine ....IKABURST ...and thats the second time in three weeks both ocassions these were different porcupines!! its not that i dont buy the...
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    Chris msandos hand

    "This is not politics. It is a matter of life and literally - death. For those of us who are friends to Chris, it's a very sad issue. I am particularly worried about his missing hand. When I frequented Chris' office for my name to be uploaded into the IEBC portal, i had to wait for him the...
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    bUT Do we say!!:cool:
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    MP starehe constituency

    Sasa who has the upper hand here... I see very serious campaigns for like four contenders. A boda guy told me that they are voting for boni mtetezi and I thought jaguar had it in the basket after winning nominations. There is also mwaniki kwenya, the odm con artist and Oh I didn't know how...
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    I've jus fikad my place n there is still no water flowing from my tap... Reason is apparently there is some water shortage so we are being rationed to about two days per week.. TWO days pekee imagine This made me think of how the jubilee govt has spent a lot of money on 'MEGA PROJECTS' and we...
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    Kenya Should Not Sign China And South Africa Coal Deal

    Kenya has one of the most promising futures in all of Africa, but is about to make a strategic mistake similar to one that oil-rich Angola made in 2006. That year, Angola agreed to borrow $14.5 billion from China in a resources-for-infrastructure deal, repayable in barrels of oil. But it was a...
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    How Jubilee created UNGA CRISIS to make billions to bankroll campaigns

    Nothing exposes the world of Jubilee corruption like the almost instant importation of shiploads of maize just days after the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) published a notice setting the rules for importation of duty-free yellow and white maize intended to plug the huge deficit in the domestic...
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    The cult like Gaza gang and how it terrorises Nairobi residents

    It is a case of untold suffering for residents of Kayole under the hands of ruthless criminal gang called Gaza, whose ideology is cult-like and draws inspiration from a jailed Jamaican artist Vybz Kartel, who is serving a life sentence for killing his associate. From women to children and even...
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    Nissan patrol

    Wah this car is on offer... Tomorrow am talking to my bank to see if I can get it down here
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    Radisson blu

    hii ni bill ya mjamaa on valentines day!
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    I think this niccur should jus go back to France... Am an arsenal supporter though inactive over the past few years because of obvious reasons... No uefa now, no epl, no fa cup for another season tena. Hata bibi havumiliwi Ivi ... Enough is enough... WENGER NJE!! N he's old now.. Bibi yake...