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    18+ Pregnancy test

    Some people don't know their shit. Because they're shit
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    Was Cohen hiding at the septic tank?

    Yes. Shot himself in the head, doused his body with petrol and set himself ablaze Kaviti, then the Chief Government Pathologist, explained that Ouko committed suicide. It was a shocking statement that stunned Kenyans. How Ouko managed to shoot himself in the head, douse his body with petrol and...
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    Try this:
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    Kenya media should cover this urgently

    That thing is isht. They're even selling it at twice the price of a wheelbarrow. And calling it innovation
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    Okoth not the father of Anne's son

    Forensic files umeona mingi
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    Afrojiri sacco

    Have a great day Mwalimu Gachui
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    What's on your feet?

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    Little inspiration.

    @Bottoms, You are living with a disability The director saw your dexterity But you are debilitated by your timidity You will never realize your capability If you don't move with rapidity And go beyond the anxiety You are paralyzed by fear
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    Tempted to mess so as to test her loyalty

    Utaoa mnyama gani?
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    Post WALL women

    Umeingia Spa-Francorchamps ama Belgian GP utaonea viusasa?
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    This is Guka - Bukusu ya Virusi Ambia Bibi Yako Aniondokee...

    Guka, ulihama zaozlanz?
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    Niaje kamami, IMO, this kind of journalism/reporting is sensational. It's just speculation that high temperatures cause thermal injury and tissue damage. It's the temperature, NOT tea. Meaning any drink consumed hot can cause esophageal cancer. There is no reference to any reputable medical...
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    Mutua, bans "Tetema" and "Wamlambez" songs

    You should have read before commenting
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    This is Guka - Something I Witnessed Early Afternoon. What Does This Say About Us?

    Can never be Luo. Danganya wajukuu
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    AbaGusii bana...

    African Government School - Kisii. Est. 1934
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    Afrojiri sacco

    Good morning y'all, have a great day and a fruitful week ahead
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    Safaricom Van Offering Strange New Services In Town

    Ingia kwenye foleni upewe nunuste hapo banae
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    Tuma za macho

    Life ain't easy being a deek. You have a head you can't think with, balls you can't play with, your neighbour is an arsehole and your best friend is a total poosie