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  1. Mindhunter

    Kijana ameanza big boss mentality, the vultures are circling and swelling his head

    Wonderful insight, Donald kip is a stupid lawyer
  2. Mindhunter

    Raila the Zeta Male

    talking from experience?
  3. Mindhunter


    Smoke tones of weed
  4. Mindhunter

    I was Correct. It was all about the 15 billion tender

    Kumbe uko na mafeelings mingi hivo
  5. Mindhunter

    How do you cope with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)?

    What are other symptoms of your condition, are you self diagnosed?
  6. Mindhunter

    How do you cope with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)?

    Smoke tones of weed and keenly pay attention to how it affects your thinking, and ability to focus, or make plans.
  7. Mindhunter

    Evolution might never have happened

    You are correct, I also came to the same conclusion but in a different way, a man born 200,000 years ago, and one born today are the same, there is no difference. Evolution is nonsense, flawed logic, right observations but wrong conclusion. Darwin clearly overstretched his conclusion
  8. Mindhunter

    Life is a paradox

    takataka we ni wale watu huongea shit about those who are doing well irl to feel good, shetani ashindwe
  9. Mindhunter

    Najua mtaitisha signature...

    Tusafishe na skirt
  10. Mindhunter

    Are Kenyans Getting Richer?

  11. Mindhunter

    Kinoti is a legend

    That woman is stupid, how can you kill someone in his home and bury him in his compound? Very careless, she knew she would be the first suspect incase anything happens to the billionaire, her wish to eradicate quickly without careful planning has come to haunt her
  12. Mindhunter

    Kibra Byelection will be hot

    maneno kama hizi ndo inatokanga kwa mdomo yako??
  13. Mindhunter

    Why isn't Kenya a leading tech hub?

    Stop behaving as if you are more clever than anyone else, ati you have come up with an idea which no one has thought of before
  14. Mindhunter

    What would happen?

    How can a old man like you think of such stupid things
  15. Mindhunter

    Keroche Breweries Wamejam. @Meria Mata kuja kidogo

    Mbuzi ni mbuzi tu,,
  16. Mindhunter

    A theory

    Humans are the most intelligent beings on the planet, we make the environment to adapt to us and not the other way round. The theory about depression is far fetched, were you there during those times to assess the depression levels. Depression is not a new phenomenon but has always existed, it...
  17. Mindhunter

    Some rich men overrated

    I fully agree that guy is dangerously smart, a smooth operator, and extremely calculative. He has even made the chic think that she is the one in control of the relationship while in real sense the control button is elsewhere. She has no idea how to deal with this guy, that's why she resorts to...
  18. Mindhunter

    Some rich men overrated

    You seem predictable then