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  1. Giilbeys

    That part of avocado you throw away is the best part.

    According to latest scientific study conducted on avocado, the stone, or seed, inside the avocado contains 70 per cent of the fruit's anti-oxidants - including polyphenols which is usually associated with green tea. -Avocados are already know for containing lots of "good fats" - the...
  2. Giilbeys

    Leo Huddah amewekea team mafisi hii

    @kush yule mnono haya wakisha HONDA sasa... Boss lady....cleeeaaannn .
  3. Giilbeys

    kama ingekua time ya moi

  4. Giilbeys

    other sites hosting youtube videos or domain

    youtube website has been blocked where am currently surfing by the admins. please help with other youtube domains or websites that host youtube videos. i need to download some videos please. thanks