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    Breaking News:2 Feared Dead After Horrific Crash At Kiambu Racing Circuit

    there was an early morning accident today involving an AMG Mercedes Benz and a Nissan GTR R34. The accident occurred at the Kiambu Ring at a blind S-Bend.It is further reported (howver yet unconfirmed) that 2 are feared dead and one person is in critical condition after the crash that left the...
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    it's going down: floyd vs manny

    The match of the century
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    Digital love vs scriptures

    Scriptures riddim imebeba wale wazito akina Jah cure, duane stephenson and the likes, but pia digital love riddim ni moto pia, akina Kronixx waki represent.gani inashinda vs
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    #TBT: the bold and the beautiful

    Hii kipindi bado iko.I remember a time when ilikuwa kipindi ya watu wazima pekee.Watching this was like watching porn, unafukuzwa mbaya, how times have changed.
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    Awesome Conspiracy Documentaries

    These Awesome Conspiracy Documentaries make a lot of sense, they left me feeling enlightened. Zeitgeist Zeitgeist 2: Addendum Zeitgeist 3: Moving Forward if you don't agree then there's something wrong with you.
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    a hard job indeed

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    jeanie waker

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    Mpanda ngazi hushuka

    Peter Ndirangu : The slap that cost me millions, Jail time and deportation from US He once lived a fairy tale life, by his definition. He had most of what he wanted in life and it looked like nothing would stand in his way. Well, something did and from a life of opulence in the US, he lives...
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    Breaking NEWS

    Kabete Mp George Muchai, driver and two bodyguards dead after gunman sprays car with bullets at GPO Nairobi.
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    Live your life before your life becomes lifeless

    A boat is docked in a tiny Mexican fishing village. A tourist complimented the local fishermen on the quality of their fish and asked how long it took to catch them. "Not very long." they answered in unison. "Why didn’t you stay out longer and catch more?" The fishermen explained that...
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    bonga exchange

    ule jamaa alikuwa anafanya ile site ya bonga exchange ako wapi?
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    Uber sets up shop in Nairobi

    What is uberX? For those who don’t know, uberX is our low-cost alternative to move you around Nairobi in a safe, cheap and reliable way. Our uberX platform is already available in many African cities, such as Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Lagos, Cairo, and now it has arrived in Nairobi! Why...
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    TBT: hapa ni wapi

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    modern day slavery

    Ati Government secures 100,000 jobs for Kenyans willing to work in the United Arab Emirates.Hio nikuuzwa na serikali yako kama slave.Nangoja kuona videos whatsapp za watu wakiteswa huko dubai...
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    Classic fm: todays discussion

    I found todays discussion very interesting, especially the comment from a guy who said that wanawake ndio walianza mambo ya kuhanya, kuanzia na eve kuhanya na nyoka :D. From now on i will be listening to maina and king'ang'i, fellow Talkers did you enjoy this mornings conversation on classic.?
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    Senegal vs Algeria

    I can't wait for Senegal vs Algeria, nani atashinda?
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    Kichaka ranch

    I was just thinking to myself, now is the best time to go to kichaka chaka ranch, watu wamesota so hakujajaa watu, i think wamereduce bei by now.