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    Thortons club r.i.p Thika

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    Man utd liverpool ,livestream
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    Amour cherche amour...rumba

    ongezea hio salud salud Pitié je veux la réconciliation ("Salud Salud")
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    Dope Moon Tonight

    huyu jamaa is always right
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    Photoshop and other Softwares

    weka email kwa inbox
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    Photoshop and other Softwares

    ingia inbox nikutumie portable photoshop
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    The Way it is

    ingine pac sampled the beats
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    Drumpf Killed Obama’s Police Reforms. Now He’s Getting What He Asked For.

    so we can conclude that russia and china are that powerful?
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    Is it normal?

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    Looking for Unlimited Internet at Home, Please Help

    ebu uliza huyu jamaa ni provider wa net 0710492318-denoh no installation fee if you have equipments
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    Song of the day for watoto wa Urtna :Wes- Alane

    we used to sing in kikuyu....maya ni marigu maake, kamande,tumaarie
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    Song of the day kwa Watoto wa URTNA

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    Song of the day kwa Watoto wa URTNA

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    Bushman and Luciano (Kabali man, the messanger)

    hii ndio hunibamba
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    Went for lunch lakini si kuzuri.

    Kabete technical manenos
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    Barry White. #TBT

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    #song request, from anyone having it. clink hio telegram link. scroll utapata imeandikwa mapenzi ya shinda