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    kenyatalk mixtapes

    wale wa mp4s na mp3s mixtapes,lets share .sharing is caring
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    Sing'atuki ng'o.......Asema chiloba

    mahojiano moja kwa moja pale ktn news..
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    Internet. .able wireless

    seems hawa ndio game changers. and the fight imeanza AbleWireless Where are we? Able Wireless, our network as a community was built with the sole intention of connecting those previously “unconnected”; the forgotten ones. For many, this was your very first Internet connection, the first that...
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    solar wind project

    hii project bado iko ama ni tembo mweupe Solar Wind Energy Tower, Inc. (OTCQB: SWET) (the "Company"), the inventor of large Solar Wind Downdraft Tower structures capable of producing abundant, inexpensive electricity, today announced that on July 18th, 2015 ("Effective Date"), the Company...
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    converted video mixx...from mp4 to mp3

    tukamate kitu ya weekend Note:i don edit my mixes they are raw venue tu i play live perfomance so any makosa niwie radhi
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    wanjanja wa I.T mko wapi?

    watu w angu naomba unjanja how to completely remove a program with its registry from a pc na Mac.program ilikuwa trial version.ave tried to Google Kiasi tu software kadhaa but hazisaidii.thanks in advance
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    madilu system

    great song .......mistari alikuwa nayo huyu that time kakitamba macho yote kwa klabu kwa screen and am playing rumba chini kwa chini.
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    Nimeing'oa mahali ikanipendeza

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    admin unaulizwa na watanzania
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    olskul mixx part 1

    am no a perfect dj but i ope you will enjoy my mixtape.any mistakes naomba munielewe ni vile i don edit my mixtape they are always in raw form. i.e live mixx or
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    mixtape part 2 soulmixx
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    soulz ,dancehall,hiphop or rnb mixtape.

    planning to upload a mixtape kesho which I did live over the weekend Kwa club.more than 8 hours nonstop.meaning its too long to upload .so between soul rnb kwaitos and dance hall sections nikatie mix wapi? Note my mixes are minus drops,scratches,effects and interruptions
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    kenyatalksound.....testing testing.
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    rooting android and upgrading my os

    wadau kitekinologia nawasalimu.Naomba usaidizi au advice how to go about upgrading my Android from ginger mkate version 4:0:1 to jelly maharagwe Ama sijui kit kat.nilitembelea darasa la Google nika root simu but now sijui where to get the firmware. link ya download.please help a lay man with no...
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    watu wa Fta kina Luther. meria saliva and company. saidieni

    hey guys nimekuwa nikifuatilia ushauri.mawaidha Na mafunzo Kuhusu hii mitambo ya satellite since tukiwa klost. ave been to luthuli but those guys seems either hawana idea au hawataki kuuzia strangers.they only advice me on bein decorder which I will cough 12000 per me its not free any...