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  1. Berlin Oxford

    Does it Make Sense?

    If IMF means well for kenya, it could have placed a reduction in the size of government as the condition for giving the loans. It should have forced the government to reduce elective posts as a way of curbing the wage bill and reducing corruption. However, it is proposing measures that will have...
  2. Berlin Oxford

    Hi-Tech Con Game

    My friend is approached by somebody he knows who tells him about a very good business opportunity. It is about a well paying tender pale dalamere. Apparently, that farm requires a certain type of "dawa ya maua" in bulk. The guy has been given a tender worth 1.2 million. There are even...
  3. Berlin Oxford

    Tuachwe Kubebwa Umalenge

    The parliament is planning to conduct a special sitting next week just to discuss the bbi bill. This is madness of the highest order. gatheca should unlock the country asap and everything should go back to normal. kama parliament can hold a seating, ata izi sectors zingine zinaeza fungua na kazi...
  4. Berlin Oxford

    Revealed!!! A Mega Scandal

    Kenya ni nchi ya ajabu. How many such deals are currently happening?
  5. Berlin Oxford

    Revealed!!! Reggae was the Cause of Covid 19 Third Wave in Kenya

    Huyu pastor hatambui gatheca. Anampiga sweeps kali
  6. Berlin Oxford

    Boychild Namaliswa!!!!

    Right, Left, Centre.......!!!Hakuna mahali boychild anaeza kupotelea. Hii ni maneno ingine imetokea after ile ya homeboyz radio
  7. Berlin Oxford

    Things spiralling Out of Control

    After wale majamaa wamechujwa job jana, kampuni pia ikapigwa fine, sasa maneno iko hapa juu ya ile hashtag ya boycottEABL
  8. Berlin Oxford

    If At All They Have Brains!!!

    There is only ONE WAY tinga and odm can disrupt the plans by the so called cerelac coalition and scuttle their mission for good: making sure bbi does not see the light of the day. This will send the four musketeers into a state of confusion and panic. Remember, their unity exists in sharing the...
  9. Berlin Oxford

    First Hand Information: Hii Dawa Apana machezo

    A young guy receives the AstraZeneca vaccine since he works as a gateman in a certain hospital and was deemed a front worker. on going home that evening, he starts getting a headache. kukaakaa, stomachache, kidogo kidogo, kuhara. He didn't sleep that night. Come morning, he calls his father and...
  10. Berlin Oxford

    Dawa Ya Corona iko

    The government doesn't want you to know this!!! (Those who know the language translate for others)
  11. Berlin Oxford

    Mgalla Muue Lakini Haki Mpe

    There are numerous development projects currently being undertaken in Mt. Kenya. Many roads have been tarmacked and the exercise is continuing to cover more area. Reason? The so called Tangatanga faction of jubilee. Were it not for them, nothing of substance would have been done. They placed...
  12. Berlin Oxford

    There Will Be No Referendum: A Major Expose

    REFERENDUM A Hustler Nation Intelligence Bureau ( HNIB) advisory..... Deep State, System and State House do not want a Referendum ahead of 2022 elections. But they want BBI to legally go through. The #CerelacCoalition has no objection. ODM, a partner in the handshake, have eyes on the...
  13. Berlin Oxford

    Semeni Kimeumana

    Yaani these guys are pleading with Hustler to accept to work together with Tinga. Kumbe maneno imefika hapa. Ruto sasa sio mwizi. Amekua mweupe kama pamba. <blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p lang="und" dir="ltr"><a href=""></a></p>&mdash...
  14. Berlin Oxford

    Apana!!! Hatuezi Kubali Hii Maneno iendelee Namna Hii

    Yaani odm will keep on threatening to go back to demonstrations anytime things do not go their way? Kwani this government is made up of cowards who are scared easily? hii ni kuwazoesha vibaya. gatheca is a lameduck kama atakua anatishwa kidogo ivi anaanza kubabaika. these hooligans will grow...
  15. Berlin Oxford

    I Do Not Understand What All This Fuss is About!!!

    gatheca did NOT promise tinga any support in 2022 when they were making the handshake. So sielewi hii kelele odm wanapiga ni ya nini. I think ni venye they were given a small chance to feel that they are in government wakadhani they are entitled to anything they want. They should know their...
  16. Berlin Oxford

    What's the Difference Between our Local FM Radio Stations and Betting Sites?

    Our local radio stations have transformed into full time beting platforms. Kila wakati ni tuma mia kwa pay bill no. ushinde maelfu. They should start paying betting taxes. What is happening by the way? Who is permitting them to do this ukora?
  17. Berlin Oxford

    A Stern Warning!!!

    I want to give a stern warning to the so called deep state. Hii ufala ya ku sponsor threads and compelling admins to pin it ikome kabisa. Hii kijiji imegeuzwa kua a personal property. Hio sitakubali ata kidogo. Admins na nyinyi you have reduced yourself into nothing. Ama you want to join twitter...
  18. Berlin Oxford

    Hii Stori ni ya Ukweli?

    Ati gatheca alibugia fobe kule vihiga akaambia mudavadi yeye ndo ataachia kiti?
  19. Berlin Oxford

    The ODDs are Still Against Tinga

    tinga wanted to use bbi as a catapult for his 2022 campaign. However, as things goes, that is not happening due to the following reasons: 1. Ruto discovered this plan and refused to lead a No campaign. Thus, tinga is running against himself. The much needed contest is not available. he would...
  20. Berlin Oxford

    A Deal With The Devil!!! Kwisha Nyinyi

    To get the latest loan from IMF, the government agreed to raise taxes and freeze employment to keep the wage bill low. However, this move is hypocritical bearing in mind the same government is pushing for constitutional amendments that will result in an enormous increase in the same wage bill...