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  1. king cobra

    KFCB's Mutua arrests Omwondi together with his 12 harlots

    Ni kumbayaaa,analalia sakafu mpaka Monday. Hii ndiyo shida ya kujufanya makende inatoshana na ya farasi,
  2. king cobra

    Fashion @2030

  3. king cobra

    1Gb crew, welokam,

  4. king cobra

    Sancho nasalimia kijij

  5. king cobra

    18+ Wash wash sato

    Hii ni ya millionaires, ka ww ni peasant kaa kando
  6. king cobra

    18+ Chipo FUNGUA

    Hizi takataka ndio elders wanaita 18-24? Washa niendelee na wale wa 35-45,
  7. king cobra

    Ruto tours Embakasi South much to the excitement of residents

    Ruto doesn't need the endorsement by anybody, an idea who's time ripe is unstoppable,dwarfs like atwoli, murathe are out and about yelling the system this, the system that, watayua hawayui,
  8. king cobra

    DP Ruto @ coast to boost his 2022 agenda

    For Ruto 2022 plans may change but the ultimate goal remains, hail the hustler. SOTE PAMOJA.
  9. king cobra

    EA Suprimo M7 adds 5k men to his UPDF

    As kenyans wallow in abject despair caused by unrealistic covid 19 management and government sanctioned theft, M7 is busy building preparedness in all spheres,
  10. king cobra

    I'm not a qualified physician

    ... I don't how to put the needle...
  11. king cobra

    Murathe, Atwoli endorsing Raila for 2022??... Too good to be true...

    Atwoli is kanu life member, kition is kanu life chairman. Ask yourself. Murathe has never campaigned for Uhuru the three times he ran for president, ask yourself will he campaign for Raila in 2022?meanwhile the people's choice is unperturbed......General miguna watching from undisclosed...
  12. king cobra

    Ruto now kalenjin Orkoiyot after Moi death

    Just as was expected, the DP is now the indomitable king of kalenjin ppl after a successful coronation by the talai clan of nandi hills. All tradition and customs were observed keenly and administered by talai elders. God bless the new orkoiyot Samoei arap Ruto! Long live. Yule mwingine wa rungu...
  13. king cobra

    Atwoli FARTS yet AGAIN

    The Oldman who features no where on the list of wealthiest people in baluhyaland and by extension nationally claims to be a member of deep state and knows who will be president and who won't. The only things associated with atwoli are illiteracy and an insatiable appetite for women despite his...
  14. king cobra

    Tuju shud mind his health not tangatanga crews

    This guy will loose it fighting tangatanga which is an amorphous grouping, even wanjohi doesn't know who's in and who's not. Tuju shud take rest, the jap infighting is friendly fire, not personal. We want him to witness hustlers take over in 2022. Otherwise at this rate we will loose him,
  15. king cobra

    H.E DP DR. ORKOIYOT WILLIAM SAMOEI ARAP RUTO donates 200 goats to Muslims 'Eid Mubarak!'

    The people's choice today donated 200 goats to Muslims and wished them idd mubarak. Kutoa ni moyo, God bless the DP. As always githeri media reported that Ruto skips Uhuru nation address to meet Muslims. The hustler doesn't care anymore about wanjohi and his enablers. Wanjohi as usual was...