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  1. Kaluka


    Am only feeling sorry for Blackberry, I was not expecting to see it on the list.
  2. Kaluka

    On This Day Last Year.... (10/2/15)

    Am back now
  3. Kaluka

    On This Day Last Year.... (10/2/15)

    As still around @Deorro ...Nimekuwa chini ya maji siku mingi
  4. Kaluka


    Hii ni shida tupu
  5. Kaluka

    Charging Problem-Xperia M

    As @Ingia has said, shida inaeza kuwa the USB Cable. Get an original cable if the one you have is not original. And also, most Xperia M smartphones have this problem. If the cable you have is original, take it to a service center to be advised.
  6. Kaluka


    I don't. you need to produce good content that people will link to. I know this is hard but it's worth it in the long run.
  7. Kaluka

    Ted 2 Trailer

    look interesting.
  8. Kaluka

    Klist klisters

    Hahaha, ebu muulize
  9. Kaluka

    Business Daily 30th Jan 2015

    Iko poa sasa
  10. Kaluka


    Asante sana
  11. Kaluka

    Good news team Arsenal

    Wenger ame waste Arsenal sana
  12. Kaluka

    V.A.T in Kenya

    very true
  13. Kaluka

    shamba ya mahindi

    private developer huyo
  14. Kaluka

    Taken 3

    weka link ya torrent tujionee
  15. Kaluka


    True. Kenyan companies will continue being stupid untill someone seriously sues them
  16. Kaluka

    This one deserves a medal

    haha mi siwezi tuma pesa
  17. Kaluka

    Ujaluo utaua watu

    haha, si angekuja na boat yake
  18. Kaluka

    V.A.T in Kenya

    VAT is just the govts way to steal our money
  19. Kaluka

    Advice where to buy a tv @ cheapest price possible in Nrb

    Nunua za Jumia, zitafit budget yako. Ama utafute watu wanauza wholeale utapata deal poa
  20. Kaluka

    The Pirate Bay ready for the biggest comeback?

    And also, there is the political angle. Swedish authorities trying to please foreign politicians and the likes