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  1. NjuguNiTamu

    Looking for a Capacitor - CD293

    Talkers, my DVD went kaput the other day. Further inspection revealed a swollen CD293 450v 220mF PET capacitor. Does anyone have: Price Shop name/contact. Nitashukuru sana. I will only do import as a last resort.
  2. NjuguNiTamu

    Ads on KTalk

    What are these? Hapo chini ya picha za magari kuna mambo.
  3. NjuguNiTamu

    Internet Speed

    Finally, after quite a stint in KB speeds.
  4. NjuguNiTamu

    Wireless Internet - For home

    Talkers, I am thinking of setting up a home internet solution. I have to settle on wireless as the Fibre connectivity is not yet possible in my hood (Kasa). 1. What equipment do I need and their costs. 2. What is the speed available and the respective costs (Assuming there is a pricing matrix)...
  5. NjuguNiTamu

    PEV & Ignorance

    On the 8th August 2017, we Kenyans went to the polls to elect our preferred candidates to office. On the announcement of results, some aggrieved morons decided to 'protest'. The happenings in Kibera, Mathare, Kisumu, Kawangware and Migori are not protests, but thuggery, destruction an affront...
  6. NjuguNiTamu


    I have a small poll for you Talkers: