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    Just in.... PRESIDENT Uhuru Kenyatta to address the nation on this coming Friday, 26th March 2021

    Just in.... PRESIDENT Uhuru Kenyatta to address the nation on this coming Friday, 26th March 2021. Nairobi Covid19 positivity reached 57.7% today. Security forecast 1. Intercounty lockdown. 2. Reduced curfew hours 3. Massive testing 4. Increased vaccination 5. Strict MOH measures 6. Private...
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    Mini PC

    I am seriously considering purchasing a mini PC. Are there any downsides? Should I just go for a laptop? Something like this: MD (Image credit: Minisforum) What is it? The Minisforum...
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    Importing stuff own your own vs via companies like African Salihiya

    How do companies like African Salihiya, Savostore deal with taxation issues; you normally pay a fee by the weight shipped but what about value of items? Why does Posta charge exorbitantly if I have to declare the cost of purchase for a item e.g. computer worth for example $2k? Is it better to...
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    17 passengers arrested at JKIA with fake Covid free certificates

    The usual reactive response by the Govt to the suspension of visa issuance for Kenyans to Dubai na walijua tu hizi bandia certificate zinatumika... • The arrests come after the United Arab Emirates...
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    Listening to digital music on your phone - what is your setup?

    What is the best free/or nearly free no-brainer music service that one can use on the phone if you have wifi at home do not want to pay for spotify/apple music? Wekeni setup zenu. I use youtube but background playback stops once the screen goes off.
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    A racist man was caught on camera hurling racist abuse towards Kenyan comedian #DavidTheStudent who is a lyft driver in the US when he asked him to 'put his mask back on'. The man was filmed calling David The Student the N-word and threatening to 'p*** in his car' when David The Student pulled...
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    Dynamic duo!.

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    Mazda CX-9

    How come I have not seen this Mazda CX-9 SUV on Kenyan roads? Is there some reason people do not import it or is it because it is only sold outside Japan? I saw one outside Kenya recently and it looks gorgeous. A real SUV unlike the many CX-5 crossovers that dominate the Kenyan roads .
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    Vipingo Plots and Development

    Real estate guys in the house... why has this area attracted so much interest over the recent past? What is the selling point.... I mean these plots are not even anywhere close to the beach, which can be great selling point for upcountry folks. Is it price? If so, I think there are many plots in...
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    Interlocking Bricks

    I am interested in building a house using this technology. I find the finishing quite neat than normal bricks. I actually want to invest in a machine and do the bricks myself on site (and use thereafter to continue making bricks). It is my understanding that these bricks do no have to be "baked"...
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    where are most car yards in mombasa located?

    can anyone point me to a location above? I am in this town and thought I should look around... ama kama uko na contact anaeza nizungusha hizo yards drop me namba yake inbox
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    Mungatana arrested

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    UoN Graduates

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    Hoteliers get nod to sell alcohol in guest rooms Hotels and restaurants will be allowed to sell alcohol in their premises after the government eased the presidential directive that barred liquor sales to...
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    Great Article by Larry - Silicon Valley has deep pockets for African startups – if you’re not African In summary: American venture capital and private equity is dominating Africa, but it’s mostly funding other white foreign founders as black entrepreneurs struggle to raise financing ‘The...
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    ELI5-waluke maize saga

    Sijaielewa vizuri. They won a tender to supply 40k tons of maize They didn’t deliver on time How in the world would they take ncpb to court and win 557m??? na wao ndio hawaku deliver
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    Naweza Pata wapi hii?

    Bila prescription
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    Refurbished Laptops

    I urgently need to buy a refurbished laptop - mine died. Have seen so many outlets selling these around town. Anyone has any experience with the reliability of these units? By the way, where do these buyers source the units..china/us/UK? Are they refurbished or just used units?