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    Investing in etherium cryptocurrency

    Wadau, there's a growing buzz on etherium... Na kuna watu naskia invested kiasi 2years ago and are now smiling all the way to the bank...swali ni? Is etherium a good long-term investment? Unaweka pesa na unasahau... And just monitor it's performance
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    Microsoft interviews

    Wadau, Nani amego through that interview process ya Microsoft? I was told it's a 4 step full loop interview process... Consisting of algorithm, data structure na maswali zingine Tu .... Tips and pointers highly appreciated
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    Looking for bodaboda riders

    Shikilia store is looking for bodaboda riders Kama unajua msee, mpee thru pass and share the link
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    interest only retirment plan

    Wadau, i stumbled upon an interesting proposal : TLDR: Swali ni How much you need to save every month to earn $75,000 a year in interest for retirement and i wanted to find out if this kind of plan is offered by a company in Kenya, Na kama ni a good plan, if you start saving for...
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    Is this a wise landlord?

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    Are Fairfield gardens houses syokimau worth it

    Nimeskia keja pale ni 12 Million, but ukiangalia vizuri, nyumba zimekaribiana Sana ...
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    ICEA Lion investment plans

    Wadau, am seking advice on this plan , being offered by icea... na kama its worth it nianze next year... Feedback is appreciated. :
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    Data recovery tools / expert needed

    Wadau, hard disk yangu imechapa... kwa comp, it's being detected, but it's taking some time to load.... ... Is there a way I can recover some data In it ..?
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    Amesema "she's not psychologically ready"

    A while back late last year, nilipatana na dame Fulani, we used to be classmates back in pry school.... We exchanged numbers ...and that was it... Ii time ya covid, (mid April) one day while working from home ,nikaboeka Tu nikaingia WhatsApp, nikaamuaa kuchokoza wale madame I hardly talk to ...
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    Looking for a transcribing account / academic writing

    Am looking for more insights on transcribing accounts ( like ama academic accounts , with the intention of buying...ntashukuru leads and pointers
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    Online hustles : Transcribing using ( Rev) wazito, is there anyone using REV to make some extra income on the side, if its LEGIT na kama it actually pays?
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    Starting a small computer accessories store

    Vipi wadau, how's the accessories business like? Especially one that deals with computer stuff... Margins ziko vipi, pros and cons ?Ntashukuru insights Sana ... Ad want to open one
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    Natafuta Microsoft dynamics for a mini-mart Microsoft dynamics a good ERP for a mini-mart? Naeza pata wapi?
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    cargo-transport business

    Wadau, am a rookie apa and i want opinions on how the cargo transport logistics business in Kenya is like... and what are the pros and cons in venturing apa? is it better if kama Mtu Ako na lorry yake anaeza sign up na ama kuna other means of earning bila...
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    Where can I go get tested for Corona?

    Wadau, ni wapi naeza enda kupimwa Corona na bei reasonable...?
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    selling women hair and wigs business

    wadau... is there anyone here who deals with women cosmetics... sanasanahair products like wigs ama , humanhair, braids etc anichanue ii sector iko vipi?
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    what are the perks of working as a junior / senior web developer in safaricom?

    wazito, Nemecheki article fulani on how safaricom devs get paid ( dunno if its outdated or not) na nikacheki, if you really want to have a good salo, labda ukue data analyst... the devs , especially junior devs...
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    business opportunities along the costal regions of kenya

    wadau, what kind of business can an entrepreneur from nairobi try izo sides za coast... like in kilifi , taita taveta or mombasa na isikue na matatizo mob to slowly picking up?
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    landlords headache

    as a landlord, ama agent, what challenges are you facing with your rental property ama tenants, and how are you dealing with it?
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    Delivery app for weed

    Tangu corona ianze, kupata mali safi on a consistent level imekua tricky sana. Which got me thinking, Would a weed delivery app solve my issue? I know in kenya weed is illegal, but what if this kind of app is not publicized and inajulikana na true smokers, ...yaaani ikue chini ya maji...