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    guys take kea of ua ladies

    Maboi ata nyinyi mnakuaga funny sana.all the time ladies are gold diggers.tangu mjuane hujawai mnunulia ata handkerchief ya ten bob....viatu zake zimeisha akikam kwako.kila tym ikikatika anajilipia...huezi ata sema umnunulie ingne...anashnda kukam kwako ata fare huwezi mpea....kila tym...
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    Tough new rules for police jobs

    Kenyans wishing to join the police force will henceforth go through three critical stages before being considered for training, we can reveal. The new recruitment regulations require candidates to start by applying for the positions within certain time limits before the commission considers...
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    Police executions on kimathi street

    wewe sam ungekua thug ungetaka u shootiwe??*
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    This is what Odm leaders had to say after uhurus case was dismised...

    Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) has vowed to seek justice for the 2007/ 2008 post election violence victims following the termination of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s case at the International Criminal Court (ICC). Speaking at the burial of Kakamega Governor...
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    Sonko does it again

    Early last week, Mike Sonko surprised Eric Omondi after he bought 1,000 tickets to his Christmas Made in Kenya concert. He gave Eric Sh. 200,000 cash for them.
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    Senator Raila

    if he vies for this seat he will lose my respect.
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    hii ni club gani

    haha watu wa pombe mnashida..
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    Churchill show

    for real i dint u tell me what they said woiye..
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    Kalamashaka trying bring their act together

    heh. they shud give up..hii industry inawenyewe so far
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    Churchill show

    amesema huku ntv haishiki...
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    places most populated by men..

    wajipe shugli....ukianza kuambiwa awww haha nani tembea
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    Land Rover Defender

    hii gari ni kitu kali i know someone selling hers but u have to part with 1.2m
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    wazazi bwana..eish

    A man from Molo escaped mob justice narrowly yesterday after he killed his son for eating andazi. The father who is always drunk went back home and found his kangumu missing and after asking, he was told that his son had eaten. He beat him up badly despite his pleas for forgiveness. Neighbours...
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    if the world isint coming to an end

    - A widower from Gitare village, Embu East Sub-County was arrested on Tuesday for defiling his daughter and infecting her with a sexually transmitted disease. The 43-year-old is held at Runyenjes Police Station for interrogation. He was arrested after the 13 year old girl confided in her aunt...
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    Pia Huyu anasema ni mkristo

    Popular gospel singer, Betty Bayo, who has been under the spotlight after her husband’s rogue ways were exposed on Jicho Pevu , joined other revellers at Club Tribeka on Tuesday Night and was spotted jamming to secular tunes. The mellow voiced singer had gone to launch her new gospel video...
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    some women its as if they dint give birth

    A Class Seven pupil is nursing burns in hospital after her mother beat her up for losing Sh 20. The girl said that her mum sent her to the shop and after purchasing what she was meant to, she went back home and gave her mum 520 shillings in change. Speaking to the media from her hospital bed...
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    Bill cosby facing sexual charges

    In recent weeks, about 20 women have come forward to accuse veteran US comedian Bill Cosby of sexual assault and even rape. But with most of the alleged attacks now more than 10 years in the past, the 77-year-old Emmy and Golden Globe winner — who has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing — is...
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    Ten unorthodox statements we should avoid in funerals

    so true kwanza hyo ya 1,2 n three...
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    okay this is new news

    james well said...huyu sijui shida yake ni nini..
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    khalwale on Mudavadi

    Minister, Raila Odinga, contrary to the Political Parties Act. He said Mudavadi had no locus standi to make any decision in UDF, let alone expelling him from the party because he is not even a registered party member. “Musalia Mudavadi has no locus standi to expel me from UDF. He is not a...