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    Umuhimu wa sponsor- angalieni sasa huyu vile anateseka!

    Why is this lady so highly rated? I personally see nothing outstanding in her, just a plain Jane bimbo who has an exaggerated sense of self importance. Guess the way she treated Okari made me lose any respect I had for her. I have most respect for ladies such as Julie Gichuru- has everything...
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    Building a house at 28 years

    Merchantability is a matter of decision and opportunity, if I get someone offering me 1.5 times the value of my house, I will sell it, pocket the profit and go build another one. The sale will not expose me to any excessive downside risk, apart from the misuse of the funds. I would have...
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    Building a house at 28 years

    Can be an investment, if you decide to sell it. And insurance is also a form of investment in yourself, protecting your downside risk, as you seek upside potential. Even big businesses buy insurance! Let us not try to be smart asses here!
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    18+ Guess Who ..??

    Bibi ya mtu wacha kabisa. Usilete hapa!
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    Haikosi huyu ni talker

    Is Nick Odhiambo an outlier or a normal guy? He settled down with a single mother in his late 30s/ early 40s ... so lends credence to @Top-Gun theory. But pia young early 20s ladies without a kid ni wengi, issue could be non-compatibility, different mindsets, they want to party until they get...
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    Conceiving after vasectomy

    Is it reversible? Am seriously considering it.
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    51% of millennial homeowners say they have regrets about buying their home
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    51% of millennial homeowners say they have regrets about buying their home

    Valid points @Top-Gun , but sense a bit of scarcity mentality, one can build that home and still build other cashflow bringing investments. Kwani the money that money that you invest in that house is the only money you will ever have? Kwanza have you done the math of doing rentals for let us say...
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    Explicit Hookers/prostitutes are single mathas escaping domestic violence

    Came to learn that some are brighter than you think, investing the easy money that we give them. During my monthly visit kusuguliwa mgongo pale Westlands parlour, I chose this masseuse from the usual display parade, very cute, light skin , good sized behind, but with a mbali embu/meru (I dont...
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    Is marriage really worth it?

    Married my early adulthood sweetheart, she had just turned 18 and fresh from high school when we met, I was in my early 20s. It is 8 years plus of marriage, a couple of kids down the line, who I adore kabisa, makes everything worth it. Wife knows her role, no grey areas whatsoever , I dont...
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    TrumanCapote petition: please post once a day, this is too much

    Just blocked her, so refreshing not seeing her never ending rant.
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    Could be his own wife tired of his bonking activities at the bank. Again, there is a video of a man with close similarities to the Ivan being shot in the head, might be unrelated.
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    Building a house at 28 years

    Can one put bedsitters with this amount, including purchase of the plot? I doubt will be enough. Purchasing bonds might be the best alternative, giving you around 900K a year, which equates to K Shs 75K a month. Now if you decide to rent a 50K house, you will be left with 300K a year as net...
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    Building a house at 28 years

    How much do you have and where do you want to build? Is it somewhere you can see yourself living for the next 10 years minimum? I am in support of building if it is a good neighbourhood that you dream of living. Biashara si bedsitter/rentals tu, you can still run a business while owning a house...
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    Every Man Must Stand With DJ MO!

    100%, and these videos with the kunguru is particularly novice of him, let alone videoing his privates. I am not and might never be half as famous as the DJ, but I do cover my tracks well when I need some excitement away from my Mrs. Never get familiar with a kunguru, cannot even know my real...
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    Every Man Must Stand With DJ MO!

    Depends with the country, Africa and sub-saharan Africa particularly is lower compared to the rest of the world.
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    Ugly kunguru exposes DJ MO's Philandering Ways

    Shida ni pia ati alikula hiyo kitu raw.. . manze haogopi kuangusha empire yake..Shenzi!
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    This is the TRUTH about marriage that y'all dont wanna talk about

    Depends, not always true, I personally struggle to see non-married folks who are really kicking ass in their professions, very few in between and most are chini ya maji drunkards or have some weird fetishes. We cannot count the many married folks who are kicking ass, from my all time favourite...