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    Kumbe sio bibi

    dont even dare call that woman. i assure you, she is getting some d*ck. jifikirie baba. you were simply used for money. i know, i have also been there and its hard. the best way, if you are a person who can move on swiftly, move on. if you cant, i repeat dont call her. see other people. avoid...
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    Modern women unknowingly make men ruthless, merciless and deadbeats they say

    wow. my whole life flashed before my eyes. used to date a foolish somali woman now living in donholm called fatma ahmed. has a twin sister called aisha... she used me for nine months straight. if you see her jichunge... i was so blind but thank God, i didnt become a slave. now since i refused to...
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    where to get somali lanyes....brothels.... in eastleigh

    mama ako sawa kabisaa... hio pesa ni extras.
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    somali poosy

    ulienda wapi? brothel ipi?
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    where to get somali lanyes....brothels.... in eastleigh

    where can i get good pure somali lanyes in eastleigh? tagged na tinder sijapata... i need a location.