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    cat burnt

    Eating chickens ,overturning dumpsters and scattering garbage
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    cat burnt

    Someone threw omena on the ground and waited with a long pipe as soon as it started eating it was knocked out with a blow to the head ,kerosene quickly poured on it and set alight
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    cat burnt

    A cat that was causing disturbance in the neighborhood was caught beaten doused in kerosene and set ablazeThe 9 lives were all gone
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    apart from casurina and nearby ni wapi naeza osha rungu mtwapa
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    mikima guest house

    iko mwembe karibu na simba coach kuma500 room 300 malaya ni wawili au watatu .
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    kuma bamburi

    yesterday nilikua katika harakati ya kutafuta kuma kuosha rungu bamburi.Hapo karibu na total madem wamechapa alafu kuma plus room 1300 .Seemed like a rip off .Nilirudi club nikakunywa gilbeys.Nikarudi home kulala.
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    chafua mecho

    hata maji chafu huzima moto
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    These things are a major disruption to my sleep any good insecticide to get rid of them.They are outside the house
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    Gilrls Body Count Advice

    body count my friend shouldnt bother you most lie about it
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    cheating kunguru evidence

    looking for a good app to spy whatsap messages that have been deleted and a good reliable private investigator .Gadgets like spy cameras