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  1. Big G

    importing vegetables into kenya

    I would like to be educated especially on matters pertaining taxes. Thanks
  2. Big G

    New year resolutions

    Would like to check out some resolutions from fellow talkers...
  3. Big G

    Unai out!!

    Need I say more, he has turned Arsenal to wigan
  4. Big G

    Laptop stolen!!

    Is there a way I can retrieve a stolen laptop? Fwakin thieves, nikishika yy nang'oa kidneys bare hand
  5. Big G

    ze Gunners vs Man united

    Top 4 is within reach for these 2 clubs with a rich history. The match is @ 19.30 today. What are your predictions & lineup. for me arsenal 2 man chieth 1 ps- reason for posting this is to avoid that kimilili watchman from jinxing us with his threads
  6. Big G


    Ligi u already one up against leicester city. Twende kazi
  7. Big G

    Plastic items

    Wadau, I hope all is well. Anybody who can tell me where I can get custom made plastic items around nairobi?
  8. Big G

    Uruguay vs Portugal

    will Penaldo follow the midget home? or will the vampire n cavani catch a flight back to Uruguay. Game is on @ 9PM. Hope for a good game like the #ARGFRA game
  9. Big G

    England vs Panama

    Apa naona Kane akifunga zingine mbili, but deli Ali is not playing. Lets see how it goes, for gamblers put your all your savings and neighbours savings on England. Thank me later, we know this things u know
  10. Big G

    US, Canada n mexico to host 2026 WC

    wadau mnaonaje hii maneo. by then Trump might have ruined these countries friendship beyond repair. anyway our north african brothers ie morocco wameambiwa wakwere uko mbaaaaaali hawes toboa
  11. Big G still has a long way to go!

    The 16th annual Forbes Global 2000, which focuses on public listed firms, features companies from only three African countries – South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya, showing how long African-based firms still have to go to compete on the global corporate arena. Only one company from East Africa...
  12. Big G

    2018/2019 Budget

    Nmeona pale citizen TV that the budget is expected to be 3trillion plus, with parliament taking 45B. 29% of the it will go to debt repayments while our budget deficit will be around 400B. weeh, kenya ingekua mat ningeshuka tu, nmechoka. what do u think wadau
  13. Big G

    NBA Finals

    cavs came out of the east, GSW came out of the west, two giants, face to face for the 4th yr in a row. who will have the last laugh. Best of 7-game one is today!
  14. Big G

    Eastern Bball conf playoffs

    Celtics vs Cavs game 1 nataka cavs wakamuliwe kabsa hadi kwa mokonyo
  15. Big G


    Wadau and wadauwett, where can i get unprocessed chocolate in bulk. Thanks
  16. Big G

    manufacturing food items in Kenya

    wadau...pls help me out: I am in my intial stage of coming up with a business plan. I am thinking of venturing into value addition for agricultural produce. Now my concern is, guys who make stuff like yoghurt,tomato sauce on a small scale in their houses, do they have to acquire kebs stickers...
  17. Big G

    Carabao cup

    Tafzali arsenal kamua i jinga manchieth. 2-1 final score in favor of gunners
  18. Big G


    Wadau and wadauwess nauliza if I can find rental houses pale dagoretti, 1 bedroom not more than 12k. Another thing, is the place safe ama manduru ndo the order of the night. Referals zikam through Saidieni tafsali zenks.
  19. Big G

    2018 side hustles

    Wadau, as we look forward to the yr of our Lord 2018-here are top 3 niches to look into: 1. Cyptocurrencies-however much you look at it, cryptos are here to stay and the earlier we learn to trade and abitrage them the better. 2. NSE- herein also is a source of wealth for those who are patient...
  20. Big G

    Champions league Draw

    Naomba manchieth wapewe either Real, Barca au knowing UEFA Real and man U will get weak ass teams. Wadau what matchaps would you like to see picked up in the draw?