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    MGTOW awekwa baridi

    Hii ni kali
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    CVT Transmission Pros and Cons

    Three years ... That is not true, at all
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    Booty na sponsor

    Spot on
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    Optical nourishment kwa Museveni

    Haha! I remember the phrase 'juu juu ka brake ya honda' from mchongoano in the 90s A- ya 94 niaje
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    CVT Transmission Pros and Cons

    I wouldn't call it routine to 'burn' a clutch, I've rowed gears for 22 years now, never burnt a clutch. But a friend did burn my van's clutch hehehe! I will agree that dual clutch transmissions which are driven like automatics will easily outperform a manual, CVTs will offer better fuel...
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    Nissan Vannete

    That Nissan Van and the Bongo were essentially the same car just different badges. I've seen the Bongo do matatu business and any vehicle that can do matatu business must be quite hardy and offer ROI
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    Enigma hiyo ni mali safi
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    Nissan Vannete

    Shifo wimwega? The Nv200 or the one that looks like a Mazda Bongo? ... The latter is hardier
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    Manual Vs Automatic

    There are only two options, internal combustion engine with manual transmission or fully electric propulsion (which of course doesn't require a transmission and is the future). Any other transmission with an internal combustion engine ni upuzi, ushoga na uslayqueen. Hybrids ni meffi kabisa...
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    Manual Vs Automatic

    Long live
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    CVT Transmission Pros and Cons

    I like manuals because they are more fun, more engaging, more manly etc, but all those are personal preference reasons. Nevertheless, it's time we moved to full electric cars, internal combustion is dead.... Hybrids are chieth, full electric is the future
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    CVT Transmission Pros and Cons

    Soon all cars will be fully electric and we will forget all this CVT chieth. They have all the pros you mention though and will increasingly dominate car transmissions in the then to fifteen years before we finally go full electric. @ChifuMbitika naona hapa wengi ni watoto wadogo wakuendesha...
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    Long live Ling long tyres

    I agree Linglong ni meffi kabisa, especially for use on a commercial vehicle. Bure bilashi, haiwezi kazi ... Punctures ovyo ovyo, kutoa hewa. And even if it is a road spec tyres, very poor traction, you go off the road a bit and you just get stuck, in conditions where say you are using Goodyear...
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    Wanakuliwa tu kama madame wengine. Hii Nairobi siku hizi wanakuliwa sana btw. Around seven years ago when I ate my first wariahe nilikuwa nakula dry fry, lakini siku hizi vile hawa wamegrow up in Nairobi wanakuliwa kuliwa ... Vaa condom mdau
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    Explicit Elders Only (Friday Meal Ready)

    Nice one my guy, usitishwe na trolls hapa
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    Best Tyres and their prices. Size 15

    Their propensity to punctures and loosing pressure implies inferior product quality Questionable grip on the road for road spec tyres. And yes effing Chinese
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    Best Tyres and their prices. Size 15

    Linglong hapana
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    Kitu ya 150 unalipa 3k

    Good CSI work
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    Pressure to fit in.

    Formula one is the new "middle class" craze, kuonyesha watu umemake it ati unafwata Formula One