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    Israel is Stopping Reggae

    I would welcome the rapture happening during my time lakini from experience and from a practical point of view, 1 day and 1000 years are nothing kwa Mungu so even when all these things happen, he may come in 2121 or 3021. It is the same to him. So what to do? Live your life to the fullest. Do...
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    Israel is Stopping Reggae

    These signs of rupture occur once or twice every century. It is a repeating pattern in christendom. Dunia ilifaa kuisha around 2007 (7 years after 2000). We expected 3.5 years of tribulation. At least dunia ilisimama kidogo juu ya clashes za election so the world ended in luo land.
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    Israel is Stopping Reggae

    Vile umeweka hiyo maneno ya rapture it sounds like something else. On a serious note, this world is not rupturing anytime soon. Hawa akina John Hagee think when you do things on earth you force God's hand. Not happening soon.
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    Fallout imeanza

    Huyu jamaa anaamini uamuzi wa koti kenya? He must have short a memory akisimamishiwa reggae UK.
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    Human Hypocrisy Never Ceases to Amaze Me

    Actually, watu wengi hawachagui kule wanaenda. They are put there by circumstance. Hata huyo Kibaki e.t.c they are there not by choice but by the situations/investments they set up in their lives. The highly mobile people will live where they can get best amenities. The other less mobile will...
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    Nivea advert

    Kwani unamjua? Who is she? Kama ni jamaa I run to the hills
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    Nivea advert

    That is a beautiful girl who goes to the gym. Misuli imeundwa poa sana
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    Solve This...!

    Temporary no entry
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    Ouch! The truth hurts

    There is no good or bad system. Systems are like money, they can be used in a good way or misused. Hata amerka tuliona na Trump ikifinywa. Kama autocracy ni mzuri what do you say about all african countries?
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    NMG paywall hits 50,000 subscribers in three months.

    Hii wamehesabu kila mtu mwenye amewai lipa. Not regular/return consumers.
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    Wakenya kuangukia IMF ta mugagaca

    Ata yeye a heshimu nchi. Sio kutuingiza kwa shida akinufaika Hii hapa ni ukweli ya african masses. We all hope for at worst a benevolent dictator atufanyie kila kitu. Reality is we all have to put in the effort.
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    Italian firm now wants Sh12 billion for ZERO work on Arror, Kimwarer dams

    :oops::oops::oops: Well, yule ameiba ameharibu kwao anyway. Ameumiza nchi lakini zaidi ameumiza watu wake. So vile unakubali hii story am very surprised. Labda pia wewe unakulia.
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    THE END OF THE CHAPTER, as the days of Noah

    This world will still be here 1000 years from now. Wacheni uoga and stand up for your rights.
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    Open sewers and storm drains aka mitaro

    The day that we citizens realize the value of such infrastructure ndio vitu zita songa mbele. What I mean is, it is clear that leaders have refused to take the initiative. Given progress vs self enrichment, they always choose the latter, but why? Hands off approach. We need to remove our...
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    Uganda and Tanzania signs the East African Crude Oil Pipeline agreement

    Kweli kweli. Hapa ndio unaona majirani unadharau wakishikana na kuendelea na wewe unazidi kuingia msoto.
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    Covid Bonobo

    Why does the machine look more human like than monke like? Na mbona haina kiti? Kwani monke itasimama siku mzima?
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    Breaking : HIV cure

    Itakupea ukimwi. Hiyo kitu imeavoid dawa for the past 50 years halafu ati wamepata last year? Wacha ni ngoja ngoje.
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    Wilmington Shootings update.

    They are not excusing anything. If we stick to the crime at hand (defunding will be another topic), no one is excusing the killer from receiving justice. Now if it was a cop, don't you see where this is going?
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    Wilmington Shootings update.

    Yes, because cops shouldn't murder people legally. Huyu murderer wa wilmington akishikwa atapelekwa mbele lakini cops huachiliwa. What is so hard to comprehend? BLM is about seeking and getting justice after a crime is committed. It is not about avoiding the crime.
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    why do we bother praying?

    This does not answer anything asked. This is basically telling him to shut up and take it as a christian. I have a problem having a God who kills others as if he did not create them all. Whats odd is he can actually change the minds of all those people he kills.