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  1. Ned Stark

    Beauty queen of the day:- Natalie Tewa

    Kuna mwanaume pahali amekamua hadi amechoka na yeye enyewe dunia ni duara kweli :D:D
  2. Ned Stark

    18+ Ngarisha mecho Mashujaa Edition

  3. Ned Stark

    Sinaloa Cartel gunmen chase away security forces, free El Chapo’s son

    Heavily armed cartel fighters surrounded security forces and made them free one of drug lord Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman’s sons, whose brief apprehension triggered intense gun battles across the city of Culiacan.The patrol was quickly overpowered by cartel gunmen, however, and the decision was...
  4. Ned Stark

    18+ Kienyeji ya Ruai

    Smash or Pass
  5. Ned Stark

    State Corporations throw out interns deployed by PSC

    Kenya is run by people wamejaa meffi kwa kichwa tu kama Gatheca mtoto ya humbwer
  6. Ned Stark

    Corruption and Unemployment : AntiGovernment Protests

    Unemployment , Corruption
  7. Ned Stark

    I lost my job

    Gatheca ni :meffi::meffi::meffi:
  8. Ned Stark

    How Geothermal Development Company paid Sh1.4bn to China firm with no address

    A State corporation does not know the official physical location of a Chinese company it advanced Sh1.4 billion as part payment for a Sh5.8 billion contract awarded in 2014. A fresh trove of documentation obtained by Sunday Standard details the circumstances in which the Geothermal Development...
  9. Ned Stark

    Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announce legal action against Mail on Sunday over private letter, in statement referencing Diana

    Boychild ameanguka mtihani how do you compare post wall kunguru na your mother :D:D:D:D Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, is suing a British newspaper, alleging that it illegally published a private letter, as her husband Prince Harry launched an extraordinary and emotional attack on UK tabloids...
  10. Ned Stark

    Aisha Jumwa

    Kwa ground things are different :D:D:D
  11. Ned Stark

    Aisha Jumwa campaigning for Mariga

  12. Ned Stark

    Latvia’s prime minister resigned over supermarket roof collapse

    Latvia's prime minister resigned after accepting political responsibility for the collapse of a supermarket roof in the capital that killed 54 people. Valdis Dombrovskis' decision meant that his center-right government automatically falls. He was the longest serving prime minister in Latvia's...
  13. Ned Stark

    Expose on fighting Corruption in Kenya

    Bado firms being investigated in Arror and Kimwarer dam zinalipwa and offering their services to govt. Stella Nyamu is either director or company secretary of more than 100 companies zimelipwa through IFMIS.... Tunakamuliwa BDSM :D:D:D Since 2014-2018 companies having her name zimepata...
  14. Ned Stark

    Trump Impeachment

    Do more research about Pence stance on LGBTQ he even advocates for extreme therapy seems u just making assumptions.FYI U.S. Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell, the highest-ranking openly g** person in the Trump administration.
  15. Ned Stark

    Trump Impeachment

    Mike Pence gives zero fucks about planned parenthood, watu wa alphabet (LGBTQ).....
  16. Ned Stark

    Handling issues that arise related to religion in marriage

    Thanks for the advice nimeona hakuna haja ikue kama kubishana when things cool down i will have the discussion na yeye.
  17. Ned Stark

    Handling issues that arise related to religion in marriage

    I had agreed we alternate mtoto akiwa mkubwa atachagua pahali anataka now imekuwa she has dibs on religions choices.
  18. Ned Stark

    Handling issues that arise related to religion in marriage

    She is changing the agreement or adding new clauses.....