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  1. Fire-Trak

    Guka wa Inooro

    Hi Talkers, ive posted this under S&R coz of different queries regarding gikuyu relations. Gikuyu oigire kirira ni urathoni. many of you are from time to time asking about different Gikuyu rites and practices. Be it regarding uthoni, unduire witu agikuyu, mitugo na miikarire iitu and a thousand...
  2. Fire-Trak


    wazito please inbox me links to various tg pages, kuna meffi iliiba simu yangu na kuflash every little detail. happens to be a "neighbour " and the idiot forgot phones this days send alerts. got my phone back but it looks as blank as new. nimepewa ngiri zangu kadhaa nikanyangie hio story na...
  3. Fire-Trak


    Ladies and Gents, its monday and kama kawa its boring even up in here.let me amsha kijiji with this uthoni and whole dowry issue.Sasa mimi nimeamua last saturday to go to my wifeys folks nikaseme niko na mbuzi yao.mind you we've been together three years from dating two to cohabiting one.The...
  4. Fire-Trak

    Holiday Mombasa and Malindi

    Guys, hope youre alright well. Kindly and please give me suggestions and locations of Good guest houses quite favourable pricings like 1k PN. Im taking mama toto four a holiday and i havent been back to msa since 06 i think. Knew some Good ones back then kingorani na gatheca nia casa b etc but...