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  1. martel

    Help out with a Furniture store or

    Try Hudson furnishes, there is one at Garden city
  2. martel

    Sonko Revokes Chandarana Supermarkets Licence

    Starbucks had a similar happening this year and I did not see their licence revoked, actions of an individual should not be used to castigate the entire company after all majority of the employees i guess are indigenous Kenyans.
  3. martel

    All public procurement officers fired.

    The civil servants should also not allow themselves to be used, if they don't authenticate irregularity then nobody will come to hunt them down. It is very hard to pin down lets say a CS due to the fact that they don't approve any processes that would lead to payment of public funds. Though I...
  4. martel

    Supreme Court Petition

    There is already a petition
  5. martel

    Turn out 43%

    The 43% transalates to 19.6m minus 1.8m from the areas that did nt vote.
  6. martel

    Validating back the 8.08.2017 Election Results.

    But according to the 8/8 elections RAO was second, validating then will be like declairing Uhuru as President.
  7. martel

    Letter To Commander Chupi

    Imagine some people will take her side of the story as the gospel truth
  8. martel

    Letter To Commander Chupi

    Just listening to Olga Karani being interviewed on KTN News you can pity those who rely on her for leadership. Such shallow kind of thinking coming from a leader.
  9. martel

    22 Days to D-Day, Guka Calls It; Bookmark This......................

    My predictions Uhuru 52.6% Raila 47.2% Spoilt 0.2%
  10. martel

    Nani next Kikuyu Don?

    Amos Kimunya
  11. martel

    still on iebc

    If the photo indeed is true then why did the agents witness the form.
  12. martel


    Go to their fb page and you will get the full analysis.
  13. martel

    For KCr 100

    Obama meeting black hip hop artists
  14. martel

    Edwin Sifuna....sijui kama mumeona hii

    The only issue is that he cant be allowed to vote for himself.
  15. martel

    Make 30K in Three Days.............Guka's Prediction Lotto

    UK 50.12% RAO 48.88% Others 1%
  16. martel

    Explicit Mecho iko chafu

    Maybe ni ya ka bed sitter
  17. martel


    Allow me to ask this two questions villagers. One is how the military can be used to rig elections yet they have not been assigned any duties inside polling stations and talling centres? Second is how can the military be used to swear in a candidate who has been declared a looser taking into...
  18. martel

    Matiangi VS. NASA

    All candidates and political parties are allowed to nominate agents who observe elections as representatives of the candidates. Surrounding the polling station after voting, which I understand will be enclosed by a yellow tape may not be helpful.
  19. martel

    Good and Silver Export Permit in .ke.

    Do you mean Gold
  20. martel


    Its Kenya's 15s

Who will win the 2022 elections? Ruto vs Raila. Cast your vote!