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    Corona manenos, hata yangu Kuna moja nangoja refund
  2. Wooi

    Ventilators are not the cure for covid-19

    They are also forgetting to install a ventilator you need piped oxygen and vacuum and therefore cannot be placed in any war. This are major infrastructure installations with capital expenditure. An icu admitted patient requires and intensivist to manage,. These are few in our country.. The...
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    Mkwaju imekataa

    Uko afadhali,yangu ilizimikia ndani
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    This country is fucked up deep & is lost direction

    Nilichana usiku, cannt get it up
  5. Wooi

    This country is fucked up deep & is lost direction

    Wah, such an elaborate and colourful ceremony, imebidi nimetii, nikaketisha kinyambis chini nitazame TV.
  6. Wooi

    New Smart Driving Licence to cost Ksh 3000

    Hiyo imepotea
  7. Wooi

    Okuyu Hawataki Upus.... Liwe Liwalo!!!

    Wah, yenyewe jeshi ti ngenu
  8. Wooi

    Underage sex den in Nairobi

    I though this was a hotel. Been there and used their rooms.
  9. Wooi

    Why is Xiaomi so cheap even with high specs?

    Though nimebrowse nikaona it's not available at those prices now. Fastastic product with optical fingerprint scanner
  10. Wooi

    Why is Xiaomi so cheap even with high specs?

    True that, I have a xiaomi with nyapdragon 855 whic I bought at 23k
  11. Wooi

    Bubble imembust. Expect Huge Net Worth Loses in 2020

    In Rongai, several new commercial building are without tenants months after completion. No takers at all. Guess this is replicated all over the city now
  12. Wooi

    Looking for Oneplus 7 pro

    Very expensive gadget
  13. Wooi

    Xiaomi Redmi 8 vs Tecno Camon 12

    Technos have an awfully short lifespan. Xiaomi bulid quality feels better.
  14. Wooi

    Vihiga county hospital needs to style up

    Looks like a movie setup.
  15. Wooi

    Panyaste audio leaked

    Hata mimi walinifanya hivyo..I thoroughly panicked. Told them to take my boy to Karen hospital. After 5 mins the guy calls back ati wanefika niongee na daktari. Akanipea same story na akanishow nitume 12k. Hehehe... Operation gani ya 12k karen hospital. Nikapiga shuke wakanishow mtoto anaruka...
  16. Wooi

    List of properties owned by DP William Ruto

    Hii iko na chumvi miiiiiingi
  17. Wooi

    Travel Kenya : Share a pic of anywhere you are now or were TODAY

    With fellow peasants
  18. Wooi

    Xiaomi Redmi 7

    Oops did you mean a redmi 7 ama redmi note 7. The redmi 7 is very basic and quite cheap huko Not a gaming phone

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